These two could not be more different: Ke$ha often looks like she was fished out of a Dumpster…

… albeit a Dumpster she won in the War of the Back Alleys…

… whereas Fabiola looks like the well-groomed daughter of the man who made the Dumpster, perhaps the heiress to a large Dumpster fortune, who secretly wants to chuck it all in favor of waiting on top of a hill somewhere for the aliens to come get her so she can fight with them for galactic domination.

It gets to the point where I run out of words to describe these, though:

Like… it’s just word vomit at this point. Cassette shard Mohawk electric zap ew.

Wreath leg fringe throw huh?

Satin feather foot gobble tart shred.


Smurf attack sleeve cape.

Lace crotch sad thigh.

Sharon Stone J.Simp Boot Barn refried Madonna.


… Okay, this isn’t eliciting word vomit so much as actual vomit.

And this isn’t helping. This is not the Tums I was looking for — this is like chugging a gallon of milk on a hung-over stomach and then eating sushi.

As much as the synergy of a match-up between like individuals pleases me, I do so love it when we have two disparate styles to choose from — higher-minded fuggery versus Chipped Off A Bar Floor heinousness. Both are deliberate. Both send a message. But which message, and execution thereof, is worst? Take a look-see for yourselves through Fab and Ke$ha’s archives, and then have at the poll.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Ke$ha (78%, 9,729 Votes)
  • Fabiola Beracasa (23%, 2,827 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,549

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