We’ve had a lot of close games, and a lot of surprisingly NOT close ones, and yet — as with every Fug Madness — we’ve ended up with a Final Four that richly deserves to be here. On our bracket we said we’d do one game Thursday and one on Friday, but we lied — we’re going to play them both on Thursday, to give people more time to vote before the finals on Monday.

First up:


This feels right. Taylor — who has dominated almost every single game so far — got her toughest challenge yet from Ke$ha, but she still snagged the 53 percent of the vote she needed to continue.  Meanwhile, Miley ended Jessica Simpson’s best-ever Fug Madness run by capturing 63 percent of the vote. Much like this year’s final four in basketball, this feels like the marquee matchup of all three that are left (including the final), to the point where you wish the randomizer had dumped them in different halves of the bracket. Alas!


In the end, after I accidentally eliminated her prematurely, Gaga almost got knocked out for real — but not quite. It was close all day between her and Nicki Minaj, with about 100 votes separating them, until finally Gaga pulled away and won it by a margin of about 300 votes. Our other top seed on this half of the bracket, Rihanna, could not stand up to Mischa’s year of fuggery, and Ms. Barton advanced with a two-thirds majority.