Are you ready to get crazy? Have you been exercising your voting finger? Have you been waking up at night, wondering who is actually going to take this year’s Fug Madness title, and if it’s who you think it is, what will you do with all the money you’ve won in your office pool? Are you prepared for this year’s FINAL GAME? Hope so, because it’s a doozy:


Is this what happens to a girl when her stint on a teen drama goes way south? It is this year. Both Taylor and Mischa sailed into their final games in a walk — er, that’s a confusing transportation metaphor if I ever wrote one, but that’s okay — over majorly tough opponents (Miley Cyrus and Lady “Meat Dress” Gaga, respectively). If I may play Color Commentator for a moment (pretend I’m Seth Davis, my personal longtime favorite. He’s so dreamy!), I think this one could get VERY VERY CLOSE.

Hope you’re ready.