Fugger: Rachel Weisz

What the Fug: Rachel Weisz in Alexander McQueen

Rachel has a spotty history with a) vaguely filmy dresses at TIFF, and b) McQueen gowns. Even that chipper Middletonian grin doesn’t have me completely convinced here, although I WOULD love to see QEII’s face if Kate wore this to an event. “ONE DOESN’T WEAR ONE’S NIGHTIE ON THE TOWN,” she might sniff. “AND ONE FAVORS REAL SLEEVES.”

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Fug or Fab: Rachel Weisz in Monse

The news, for Monse, is both good and bad. But the word “good” is a huge step forward, no?

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Mostly Well Played: Rachel Weisz in Oscar de la Renta

It’s still Sunday night as I type, and this is my last post before I take Hand of Fire to the doctor. Have you ever lit your fingertips like they were matchsticks? Because that’s what this feels like right now. Isn’t this exciting? Thank God you are getting to experience this thrilling time.

Also hot like fire: These two.

rachel weisz daniel craig ampas governors awards

How often do you see Daniel Craig smile like that? He’s usually so taciturn, or at least, very Blue Steel. Between this and the canoodling pics, I really think — and this is super revolutionary — he might be extremely into his wife. Imagine that. Also, as Lefty banged out these words, Scorched Right Hand suddenly started feeling totally normal. EITHER that means its the eye of the hurricane and in a minute it’s going to fall off, or plunging my hand in the ice bucket of Daniel Craig’s gaze has CURED ME.

Onto Rachel:

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Well Played Cover: Rachel Weisz on Harper’s Bazaar UK, November 2015

I am deeply into Rachel Weisz at the moment. I ALWAYS have found her incredibly beautiful, but I am feeling particularly fond of her given this week’s adorable canoodle-athon with Bond. Even all of that aside, I think this cover is great:


It manages to be so icy grey and yet so warm at the same time (thanks, I think, to how soft her dress and hair are). It’s beautiful, and appealing. (It goes without saying that I’d also like to know The Secrets of a Swan Neck. I always thought that secret was, “have good genes.” I also want her hair.)

I am less enamored of their subscriber’s cover, although I actually really like her facial expression:


I usually like how sparse subscriber covers are, but this just feels unfinished (and a little random. Is she straightening her flower pin like a bow tie? That’s not how things work). For once, though, this makes sense: The newsstand makes me want to buy it. If I were a subscriber, I’d already be in too deep anyway.

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Unfug It Up (But Well-Played Canoodling): Rachel Weisz in Alexander McQueen

If you’re married to Daniel Craig, and you rarely do events together, but you are still totally into him and he’s totally into you… well, that’s pretty much how you WOULD want him to go for it when there are cameras present. He is ALL IN, baby, and it’s great.

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Well Played, Rachel Weisz

Will one of you have a really glamorous holiday party and wear this to it for me? PLEASE?

Celebrities Attend The Premiere Of 'Youth' In London

Thanks ever so much. I expect a full, juicy report of all the dramatic shenanigans it inspires.

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Well Played, Rachel Weisz in Alexander McQueen (plus Colin Farrell)

Suddenly, I feel that we must find a part for Rachel Weisz in our fictional time-traveling English countryhouse murder/romance saga. OMG, she can totally play Hayley Atwell’s sister — that’s good casting, right? Right! Oh, right, also this dress is good.

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