George and Amal are BACK for round two of their Clooney Foundation Awards, which brought out a similar lineup of A-listers last year. This man can really rely on his rolodex. Jodie Turner-Smith! Greta Gerwig, in an all-time great outfit! Julianna Margulies! Viola! Anne and Scarlett and Mary J and Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig! It’s stacked.

The winners include two female journalists, Niloofar Hamedi and Elahe Mohammadi, who covered the Mahsa Amini murder and were subsequently arrested and wrongly accused of being CIA spies. They’re in jail and may die for their work. In that context, winning an Albie, as it’s called, seems pretty meaningless but hopefully it will remind people that just because something isn’t dominating the headlines or social media, it doesn’t mean it’s come to a tidy conclusion.

[Photos: Cindy Ord/Getty Images, Gotham/FilmMagic, aylor Hill/WireImage]