You may have seen the headlines that, a few days before this show, a van carrying 50 outfits was hijacked on its way from Charles de Gaulle airport and all the work went missing. (Apparently the vehicle and a few boxes have been recovered, but not all.) This left the house scrambling to pull together a show, though I’m unclear exactly how much the final runway product was affected — Olivier Rousteing thanked his exhausted staff for rallying behind the collection and pushing to make sure the show would go on, and sent 54 pieces down the runway. Would it have been 104, and these were the ones left? Would it have been 74 and they remade some of what they could, but not all? That I don’t know, but I hope those people are all taking an extremely long nap right now after a lively, floral, dotty show that, yes, had some stuff that veered into Camp Wacky, but others that are quite pretty and worth seeing again once the strike ends. I even tried to make some suggestions in this one!

[Photos: Launchmetrics Spotlight]