This is a good look for Rachel — if you’d told me she and Sandra Bullock were teaming up to play cousins in Ocean’s Nine-Nine, a weird hybrid of the heist flicks and a cop show, I’d buy a ticket. In actuality, Rachel is in New York filming Dead Ringers, a gender-swapped reimagining of the 1980s Cronenberg film in which Jeremy Irons played identical twin gynecologists who got up to some seriously messed-up shenanigans while slipping into each other’s lives, and holy hell, if you want to read the original movie’s plot summary, that is… quite a grisly ending. I was going to say I’m here for a show where Rachel stomps around New York in sunglasses and slick professional cape-blazers, but now that I know where this is heading I’m deeply concerned that the capes won’t make it out unblemished. A little club soda will NOT get that out.

[Photo: Getty]