I don’t have a credit for this look yet, but the whole thing has a real Oooh I Loved Tom Ford For Gucci vibe, although the current Tom Ford version, and the 90s one alike, did not have flared trousers. YES that’s an affiliate link, I am trying to enable one of you into buying a $5000 velvet suit jacket!!! Maybe someone got a mega tax refund!! Maybe you just pulled off a jewel heist! Maybe you married a billionaire who’s always off on their yacht and doesn’t care what you buy and it’s sort of emotionally sad but sartorially enriching. If that’s not the case, though, the Banana Republic velvet blazer is on sale right now too, just so you know. In case you need…velvet for spring? Listen, anything could happen. Maybe you’re going to Australia! Maybe you are Australian! This post has a lot of hypotheticals and also accidentally almost turned into a velvet blazer round up — but one thing that is factual is that she looks great here.

[Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock]