Fugger: Nicole Kidman

Fug or Fab: Nicole Kidman in Alberta Ferretti, then Armani

I’ve got it. I have figured it out. Between this and her previous outfit, it’s so obvious:

Screen Talk: Nicole Kidman & Dev Patel - 60th BFI London Film Festival

Nicole Kidman is angling for the role of Ted Danson’s boss in The Good Place. She’s that no-nonsense, highly competent, upper-management angel with no patience for shenanigans of any kind — but, you know, she’s also really really virtuous. Consider it, you guys. She’ll provide her own wardrobe!

And if her character turns to the dark side…

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Fug or Fab: Nicole Kidman in Rodarte

Is it weird that my reaction to this was, “I don’t really like this as a dress, but I would like to have a tiny Nicole Kidman figurine wearing this exact outfit to put on top of my Christmas tree”? Don’t answer that.

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Fug or Fab: Nicole Kidman in Nina Ricci at TIFF

This is… a weird experience.

Nicole Kidman

The dress looks like ribbon candy that you left in your car and it got a bit warped by the sun. The hair has seen better days. And the shoes would like a second chance with another dress. In other words, this is the TV Dinner of outfits. When you read the box it SOUNDS fairly good, but then you actually cook it and eat it, and nothing tastes exactly correct.

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Fug or Fab: Nicole Kidman in Valentino

I liked this so much more before I noticed that the band across her chest looks sort of like a repurposed bandeau bikini top:

> on July 15, 2016 in Shanghai, China.

On the other hand, should we not be championing the fashionable up-cycle?

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CMT Awards Fug Carpet: Nicole Kidman in Michael Kors Collection

Oh, Nicole! You were SO CLOSE! Imagine this without the necktie!

2016 CMT Music Awards - Arrivals

It would be a little Come See Me Play Roxie Hart Down At The Community Center, but let’s get honest: Who amongst us hasn’t wanted play Roxie Hart down at the community center?! That tie/scarf (tscarf?) situation, however, raises the terror level here.  It is neither jaunty (as all scarves ought to be, if they’re not deployed for purposes of glamour), nor does it appear to provide warmth. What it DOES seem to do is give this whole enterprise a weirdly business-like flair that makes me uncomfortable.  It’s a mixed message!

I can, however, wholly endorse her earrings:


Let’s just focus on those.

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What the Fug: Nicole Kidman in Rodarte

Ah, Rodarte, up to its usual tricks. Even Keith Urban, habitual stop-and-stare admirer of his wife, seems keen to stay out of this one.

Nicole Kidman

Which is as well. Let Nicole do this alone. Let her, and her alone, check in on Foursquare as the Mayor of Wishbone Jane’s Soiled Dove Brothel and Saloon. (Up to usual tricks INDEED, then, if you will.)

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Met Gala Well Played, Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen

I LOVE this dress, I love her hair, I love her face, and I love how much Keith Urban also seems to love it all.

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