Don’t you feel like, in another lifetime, Nicole Kidman was an iconic supermodel, and this is the cover where everyone gasps and chatters about how she’s BACK and she’s still got it? The shoulder pads are massive, and the carpet is ugly, but I’m just looking at her face.

The profile is excellent — the lede is PERFECT — and the editorial shots in there are worth your eyeballs.  Kidman seems like a good sport and quite a good egg. And I really liked this bit:

And when they’re home, Kidman loves that their house is where all the girls’ friends gather. “I love teenage girls. I just find them exquisite,” she says. “I marvel at that age group and what they’re dealing with, but also their ability to handle so much.”

It’s so empathetic and kind; I feel like hardly anyone is giving props to teenage girls.

Here’s the alternate cover:


WHY are magazines so deeply enthralled by the armpit?? This looks like a VERY glam and expensive instructional video on how to get your best laser hair removal results at a top-of-the-line, cutting edge spa that zaps all your arm pit hair out at once. Her face is arresting but let this woman keep her pits to herself!

Photography by: Mario Sorrenti; Styled by: Nicola Formichetti; Text + interview by: Tyler McCall