Fugger: Lady Gaga

VMAs: Crazy Performance Fugnanigans

Or as I said to Jessica, the night Miley Cyrus became LMFAO Minaj. Do we think her tongue obsession came BEFORE this outfit, or because of it?

Note: Sadly this isn’t a Fug the Hellshow of the whole thing; just of what people wore during notable performances. I couldn’t bring myself to go into this again THAT deep, and I say that as someone who watched Sharknado TWICE. So you know this was bad.

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Well, I do think her face looks good. At least, until she decides to frame it with something that fell off the wall at TRL.

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Fug This Way

It’s official: The Fug Boat is making another run. But at least we can see her FACE this time, and that’s a leap in the right direction.

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This Weekend In Lady Fugga

I hate it when my makeup gun gets stuck on Old French Whore.

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Fugly Gaga

Lady Gaga has been back on the radar for, like, an hour, and I’m ALREADY OVER HER again.

And I was JUST thinking to myself how nice it is that she’d been doing some photos and whatnot looking more like her natural self. I was referring mostly to her FACE. I did not mean that I needed to see ALL OF HER NATURAL SELF. BEDAZZLED BODY CONDOMS ARE NOT CLOTHES.

It gets worse, and please know that this is probably not safe for work.

le sigh


Just Fug!

This must be Lady Gaga’s current favorite bra. We’ve all got one. I mean, mine is from Target and I try not to wear it as outerwear, but there’s something to be said for, uh, lingerie loyalty? (Seriously, Target bras are secretly kinda good.) That being said, I feel like I just saw an episode of Project Runway wherein Zac Posen wisely pointed out that turning a racer-back into a racer-front is rarely a good idea. No matter HOW much you love that bra:

On the other hand, I actually think she looks great without all the wigs and headdresses and eye-patches and glitter and faux bone spurs and all that other crap she’s usually wearing. Like, I’m not wild about your outfit, Gaga, but I do like seeing your face.

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