Fugger: Kristen Stewart

Fug or Fab: Kristen Stewart in Chanel

Well, first and foremost, her eye makeup looks great:


Whatever all is happening with her head here, it is GOOD. As for the rest of her….


I was about to say that I wanted to just chop off the sheer bit flirting with her calves, and then I realized we’d have my prom dress from 199-none-of-your-business. I wore it, of course, with a choker. But WAIT. Both the 90s AND chokers are BACK. Maybe I’ve solved this problem after all.

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Venice Film Festival Fug Carpet: Kristen Stewart in Chanel

I do not think the Kaiser’s affinity for Kristen Stewart has been to her benefit.

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Fug or Fab: Kristen Stewart in Zuhair Murad

I admit: My initial instinct is to LOVE this.

Premiere Of Lionsgate's "American Ultra" - Arrivals

And yes, I say that knowing it’s basically a sequined romper. But it’s a really FUN sequined romper, and it’s a sequined romper Kristen Stewart clearly enjoys wearing — so basically, if I’m ever going to get off the bus in Sequined Romper Town because it broke down and I have to wait for the mechanic to finish his lunch sandwich, it’s going to be now. Somehow this gives her a lightness without blunting her edge. My beef is that the shoes seem both boring AND painful — like, if you’re going to crack your arches like that, it might as well be in service of something punky and fierce and intriguing that brings the look to a thrilling conclusion, rather than a limping end.

Also, it’s short, as Taylor Lautner will help you see:

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Kristen Stewart on Nylon

K. Stew has gotten a LOT of covers lately. And I can’t say she’s not working them. This one is pretty good, right?


I mean, yes, that tee shirt looks like you accidentally threw it into the dryer with a packet of razors, but the blazer is great and I feel like she’s FINALLY figured how what to do with her face on these things. Maybe the haircut just makes her feel more like herself, but while this photo would be weird if you ran across it on, say, InStyle, to me it feels bang-on correct for Nylon.

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Kristen Stewart on Elle UK, September 2015

This cover has a lot of elements that are weird, but add up to a win.

Kristen Stewart: Elle UK, September 2015 cover

For example, Kristen’s hair looks like she spent three days in the ocean and then got in a convertible. Yet she looks smashing nonetheless. I am not a red-and-pink person, generally, but this is extremely eye-catching and fashion-y in all the right ways. And why is she dressed for a night at the theater in the middle of the jungle? Hakuna matata. Doesn’t matter. Her face sells the story that she maybe blew off that corporate bonding retreat because she met a surfer who gave her three days of unpredictable passion, before they had a huge fight and he pulled over in his pickup and let her out and now she’s trying to walk home and forage for snacks.

The lone flop is the position of her right hand — specifically, why is it pointing at her throat as if trying to beguile the reader into giving her an emergency tracheotomy. “Here,” she is saying. “Right here is where the Bic will go. You’ve seen it on ER. You can do it.” I assume THAT is not the one thing badass women do that makes them smarter. Speaking of, what are they saying there? That badass women only do one thing to improve themselves — OBJECTION — or that there is only one thing that makes a badass woman smarter than a regular woman? I would suggest they could’ve avoided that thorny situation, but they can’t even keep their cover model out of the weeds.


Well Played, Kristen Stewart on Marie Claire, August 2015

Marie Claire always does right by Kristen Stewart. Some of what she’s wearing inside the magazine is nuts, but her face looks AMAZING.

(PS: You can read the interview (or portions of it) over at Marie Claire.)

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Chanel

There is a HILARIOUS and wonderful disparity between what these celebs showed up in, and what Karl then put on them for the show. PS: Lily Collins totally chewed SOMEONE out over this. I’m not sure who. BUT SOMEONE.

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