Fugger: Kristen Stewart

Fugs of Sils Maria: Kristen Stewart

Lately, ol’ Stewie has been doing a nice job wearing stuff that seems more organic to her personality — stuff where she, at least, seems comfortable in the clothes, as opposed to strapped inside of them.

Not so much here:

kristen stewart lacma clouds of sils maria

Those pants are really pretty awkward. And while I get that the black tube top is probably there in aid of nippular modesty (sure, let’s invent “nippular”), it somehow comes off more like they’re being blindfolded and/or fell into a hunter’s trap. Nothing about this is particularly self-assured — I was unlikely to buy it regardless, but she isn’t doing much selling, either — and the vibe it therefore creates is one of, “My grandmother bought this for me for Easter and Mom said I HAD to wear it or else I would make BOTH of them cry and so hopefully emotional blackmail is hot for spring.”

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Fug or Fab the Ad: Kristen Stewart for Chanel

Here’s the thing:


I don’t know if Kristen Stewart is the first actress who pops into mind when I think “sexy French business lady.” However, she might be SELLING ME “sexy French business lady” here. Because when I saw this photo, I did not think, “why is K Stew dressed like she’s off to go star on the French version of The Good Wife?” I thought, “ooh, I love that hair.” You guys, that hair would make most people look like they inadvertently had their head sucked into the automatic hand-dryer in the ladies room. And I’ve never seen K Stew in a proper suit before, and would never think of her as being a person who would ever even put a suit anywhere near her body. HOWEVER. This ad makes me think that maybe she should, even if that means she’s somehow going to need to magick a way to live in a wholly black and white world, like the beginning of The Wizard of Oz forever. Because I sort of think this entire endeavor just might be….successful? (The bag, of course, is a classic. I am not a Quilted Chanel Bag Person, and even I realize that this bag is a classic.)

Hit me with your thinkpieces, please.

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Fugs or Fabs: Kristen Stewart in Chanel

While we were prepping for and then covering the Oscars, Kristen Stewart was off in Paris winning a Cesar Award. (That’s basically the French Academy Award; she is the first American actress to ever win one, for Clouds of Sils Maria. Between that, and the accolades she’s getting for Still Alice, this year has been very good for her career. [The story to which I just linked also told me that K Stew's dad is the stage manager for ABC's Oscars pre-show, a factoid I love for some reason.])

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Couture Week, Part II

Kris Jenner was also there, but we already covered her because…well, that was DEFCON 1 of fug. It needed to be addressed immediately.


Recent Fugs and Fabs: Kristen Stewart

She’s apparently great in Still Alice and I’m kind of bummed there hasn’t been a big awards push for her.  On the bright side, her new haircut is really cute.

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Hollywood Film Awards Fug or Fab: Kristen Stewart in Chanel Couture

I feel like we’ve seen a lot of outfits lately that I might call…Sexy Joan of Arc. Let’s look at the latest.

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