Fugger: Kristen Stewart

Sundance: More Fugs and Fabs (and Coats)

The ice cream truck that comes down my street was playing “White Christmas” today. EVERYONE NOT IN CALIFORNIA hates that guy right now.

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Well Played, Kristen Stewart in Sally LaPointe

For my money, this is perfect on her:

Marie Claire Hosts Inaugural Image Maker Awards - Inside

Obviously, I’m starting with the coat. I cannot resist a coat, ever. But let’s look at what’s underneath it:


Short, and shiny — which she favors — and a little tough, which is bang-on for or her aesthetic. This isn’t ground-breaking, but it’s really, really right on her.


Recent Fugs and Fabs: Kristen Stewart

I had wondered if she was doing all this press as an Oscar push for Clouds of Sils Maria, but I can’t figure out why it wasn’t eligible LAST year. Maybe it wasn’t fully released until early 2015? Regardless, I would love it if she snuck in and nabbed an Oscar nod. I thought she should’ve gotten one for Still Alice, and apparently she’s even better in this. Besides, she makes interesting choices; it’d be fun to see that rewarded.

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Fine, then Fug: Kristen Stewart in Atea Oceanie and Chanel

This movie, Clouds of Sils Maria, came out in 2014 and on DVD six months ago. So I can’t quite suss out why IFC is holding a screening — but I’m not complaining, because it’s a nice surprise to find that Kristen Stewart crept out for a public appearance while the rest of us were in a holiday chocolate coma (or just me?).

kristen stewart ifc screening clouds of sils maria

Conceptually this really works for me. Kristen seems like a very casual person, so this almost beachy take on a white suit fits her vibe in the extreme — and, I’m pleased to see she’s kept her shoe game above the Basic Black Pointy-Toed Pump choice she clung to during the Twilight years. They add the right amount of zest. Honestly, the only thing that’s holding me back a bit is the damn drawstring. Now, I don’t object to one in theory. I have some running shorts that use one. And some PJ pants. And I can ONLY buy the beans sweatpants with a drawstring because they have the waist size of a three-year old basically and so any pants that are long enough for their height completely drop off their bodies unless I tie them¬†tighter than a corset. BUT: I don’t believe such a thing as a Formal Drawstring exists, and I’m not looking to 2016 to change my thinking.

However — and I should stamp some form of this phrase onto my tombstone — I would take this thrice¬†over the Chanel she got for the New York Film Critics’ Circle Awards:

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at the Airport

Tis the season! I’m sure a lot of Fug Nation is traveling over this week. Be safe, look glamorous, and report back if you end up in security behind Bieber.

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Fuglight: Kristen Stewart in Chanel

I’d just like to say that (a) I blame Kaiser Karl for ALL OF THE THIS and also (b) I have no idea what is even happening here:


“High-waisted, wide-legged, shiny leather pants, paired with a festive metallic tweed cropped blazer with a satin bow closure” is a phrase that does not need to be used, ever. Okay, maybe if the sentence was, “Kristen Stewart looked at the high-waisted, wide-legged, shiny leather pants, paired with a festive metallic tweed cropped blazer with a satin bow closure, and said, ‘hmmm, Karl, I’m just not sure that this is really me? What else have you got kicking around back there?’”

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Fug or Fab: Kristen Stewart in Chanel

Well, first and foremost, her eye makeup looks great:


Whatever all is happening with her head here, it is GOOD. As for the rest of her….


I was about to say that I wanted to just chop off the sheer bit flirting with her calves, and then I realized we’d have my prom dress from 199-none-of-your-business. I wore it, of course, with a choker. But WAIT. Both the 90s AND chokers are BACK. Maybe I’ve solved this problem after all.

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