As usual, I do have to give props to Kristen Stewart’s styling team for taking the Chanel offerings and doing their absolute level best to make sure K. Stew still looks like herself, which they generally pull off — and I’d say, are also pulling it off here. This haircut is very cool on her, although it is also objectively the haircut of someone who fell asleep in a chewing gum factory. I just keep thinking about all the stuff they have to dig through to find something that meshes with her personal brand.

CHANEL 2022/23 Metiers d'art collection photocall in Tokyo, Japan - 01 Jun 2023

Like…a plain white tank and a white mini-skirt? Sure, that’ll fly:

Chanel's Metiers d'art Collection photocall, Tokyo, Japan - 01 Jun 2023

Someone let this woman put on the Converse you know she brought along.

[Photos: Masatoshi Okauchi/Shutterstock, FRANCK ROBICHON/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock]