Oh, La Biel. I think you and I both remember when this happened the first time, in those halcyon days of 7th Heaven and Summer Catch and that Fantastic Four movie you did, when people were prone to belting things for no reason. I mean, here you are in 2004, wearing what is really little more than a waist bracelet. Either we did it, or we shook our heads in confusion while we watched the Duff and Simpson sisters do it. But we were there. I am not clear on why anyone is going back around that carousel, but I’d be willing to hear oral arguments in my courtroom (aka the comments) from anyone who wants to represent you in The People vs. Cumbersome Pseudo-Cummerbunds. Bonus points if they can explain your skirt being a little mini car-wash.

[Photo: John Salangsang/Shutterstock]