SPOILER: There are some honestly very good coats in here. Chanel made everyone head up to Manchester for this one; per the BBC,

“Chanel was attracted by the city’s “creative energy” and musical history, director of fashion Bruno Pavlovsky said.They opted for Manchester because “too many things happen in London and we wanted to be in the UK out of London”, he told BBC News.”We decided to come to Manchester because it was the most inspiring for Virginie [Viard, creative director]. She was inspired by the music and art that she sees here in Manchester, and we’ve had a warm welcome.”

Don’t worry; Chanel compensated all the shops on the street they took over. This must have cost them a fortune; the good news for them, I guess, is that they have it to spend.

 [Photos: Dominic Lipinski/Getty Images, Adam Duke/WWD via Getty Images]