TIMMEE: Yo yo Hugh! What’s good!!

HUGH: Lovely shirt. Expensive dental floss?

TIMMEE: Tom Ford! Probably costs a thousand dollars!

HUGH: Oh is that all? If you want to chafe your nipples so badly, I’m sure someone here would do it for free.

TIMMEE: You’re hilarious, dude!

HUGH: Well, once I was the lord of self-deprecating offhand comedy.

TIMMEE: Yeah man, I feel that, I did a great AppleTV+ commercial once!

HUGH: God, look at you. I remember how it felt to be a floppy-haired heartthrob.

TIMMEE: Oh yeah right! Last century!

HUGH: Curls on your head, world at your feet…

TIMMEE: Before I was born!

HUGH… prostitutes in your car


HUGH: Glorious. Enjoy it while it lasts, because soon you’ll be painting yourself orange and wearing a green wig and complaining that it’s because your children are too expensive.


HUGH: And people will start casting you only as cranky people and it will be fine because by then all the stories will have come out about how you’re a bit of a prat, so it works, but then strangely people will adore you again. It’s a very odd business.

TIMMEE: It is weird. I ate a peach and it made the Internet horny!

HUGH: I haven’t a clue what that means. Now let’s get inside before someone asks us to do Two More Weddings and Another Funeral. You look alarmingly like a child Andie and I could’ve had. I’d wear a string shirt myself before playing that chap again.

TIMMEE: Dude that’s killer! You’re on!


[Photos: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images]