Don’t get mad at me but I sort of dig both of these looks — even as I long for this woman to shake free from Chanel’s clutches and get to take herself and her styling team into new waters! (I’m sure it’s been sort of a fascinating work challenge for Tara Swennen, her stylist, to meld Kristen’s personal style and Chanel’s house vibe, though. She’s got to be ready to have some more freedom, though!) Yes, the sheer skirt is sort of weird but also I understand the vibe they’re going for here, and can’t you see this on, like, a Young Swinton? I can.

Berlinale 2024

So obviously I HATE the knee-high stockings with this; I’d honestly almost rather knee socks, but I’d have done the shorter white ankle socks that she prefers. Like, I GET what they’re doing there. I just don’t LIKE IT. But the rest of this feels fresh and cute and professional and kicky. It’s lightly Clueless. It’s fun! YOU DID IT, CHANEL!

(Photos by Dominique Charriau/WireImage, Jens Kalaene/picture alliance via Getty Images)