Fugger: Kim Kardashian

Fug or Fab: Kim Kardashian in Sophie Theallet at the Time 100 Gala

We pretty much have to begin with this photo, because it is, to me, a treasure.


Their facial expressions make me laugh so hard. NEITHER woman looks like she is succeeding at approximating a smile, Kim for possible cosmetic reasons, and Martha because the handcuff bracelets she’s wearing symbolize the way she’s unwillingly yoked to this photo opportunity. It seriously looks like instead of saying “cheese,” Kim Kardashian says, “Heeeyyyyyyyy!” And Martha is saying, “Martini. MARTINI.”

Let’s check out Kim’s gown:

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What the Fug (As Usual): Kim Kardashian, with an assist from Khloe

If this is how her shirt situation is going at the dawn of spring…

kim kardashian in paris

… then I’m developing some anxieties about what summer will bring.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered what a Kardashian would wear to the viewing of a memorial to victims of genocide against Armenians:

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Fug or Fine: Kim Kardashian

The sad thing is, this might not have been ALL bad if it had fit…

kim kardashian

… and if she had put ANY EFFORT INTO IT AT ALL beyond putting some serum in her hair and contouring the bejeezus out of her face. You cannot be your own best accessory when you walk around with the ocular glaze of a zombie. At LEAST add a bracelet.

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fug the Krew: The Kardashians Do Easter Mass

Yes, this is a week or so old. But I missed it during our travels, and I felt like we all needed a chance to talk about what the stately and sedate Kardashians wore to Church on such a holy occasion:

Kanye, Kim, North & Family Attend Church On Easter Sunday

Someone basically needs to remind Kendall that the aisle is not the same thing as a runway, and that the whole body-into-bread and water-into-wine thing do not equate to cocktails and light apps.

You’ll be pleased to know Kanye dressed up for the occasion as well:

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Paris Fugshion Week: More Kim Kardashian

I think it’s entirely possible those are leather thigh-high leg warmers with wedge booties.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

And if so, that wouldn’t even be the strangest thing about this cyclone of suck.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Paris Fugshion Week: Kim Kardashian

Kim. You haven’t even won Fug Madness 2015 and you’re trying WAY TOO HARD to be our first-ever repeat winner. JUST GO TO THE FREAKING GAP FOR A SECOND.

[Photos: Splash, Fame/Flynet]