Fugger: Kim Kardashian

Katching Up With The Kardashians

So, Kimberly here — while in Paris in this outfit — was assaulted by that dipshit douchepickle asshat who has made a name for himself by ambushing celebrities in front of paparazzi or red carpet cameras. (I will not print his photo or use his name, because I refuse to give him the satisfaction.) And make no mistake, despite the fact that Kim was uninjured and he did not hit her, what he is doing is still assault. He lunged out and attempted to kiss her ass. In 2014, he dove at America Ferrera on the Cannes red carpet and climbed under her dress. He has shoved Kim to the ground before, once lunged at and buried his face in Leonardo DiCaprio’s crotch at a film festival, kissed Will Smith at a premiere, hugged Ciara while wearing a thong at a Valentino show, and then mere days ago, fully picked up Gigi Hadid and attempted to carry her off, before she elbowed him. Gigi, hideously, was rewarded with headlines implying she was being rude to a fan. HELLO. Even if it had not been The Usual Prankster, it’s not acceptable to stroll up to a person and PICK THEM UP AND LEAVE WITH THEM. That’s essentially kidnapping, even if you only take them one block away. It’s also invasive and appalling, as are all his little “jokes,” and I cannot believe this jackwagon bilgewad is still roaming the streets getting off on what he clearly thinks are cheeky and hilarious hijinks that are making him famous. As if people in the world don’t have enough to worry about, and as if celebrities aren’t skittish enough about their personal safety. You are the worst, sir.

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What the Fug: The Kardashians Ride Again

There are some truly, truly, epically offensive outfits in here. Honestly, at this point they just make me shake my head and say, “Oh, KIMBERLY,” because at the end of the day, again, my mantra is: It’s a comedy, and the joke’s on them. Also, the more people rage about her, the easier it is for her to wash right over me, I guess. But if it’s at the point where if you can’t discuss Kim in the comments with any measure of remove or composure – and that’s not a judgment; I get that she’s polarizing — then you might just want to scroll past this one. We stick them in a slideshow to make it easier for people to avoid the Jenndashians, and if you need to spare yourselves, do.

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What the Fugs: The Kardashians at New York Fashion Week

My intro got eaten. I think it’s because even WORDS no longer covers it.

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What the Fug: Celebs at Yeezy Season 4

The shots I saw on Instagram of this show were ALL, essentially, beige Spanx. I bought beige Spanx ten years ago for probably pennies compared to what this cost, so yes, I feel smug. Also, I don’t wear it on the outside, so.

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What the Fugs: Kardashians and Hadids and Stuff

I need a ruling: Are those clear plastic boots, or are they leg raincoats she pulled on over actual shoes? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

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What the Fug: Kim Kardashian In Some Wretched Piece of Sludge or Other

Is Cardio-Erotic Spin Booty Pole a real class?

Kim Kardashian Rocks A See Through Top In NYC

Because I CANNOT think of anywhere else she could possibly be going in that.

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What the Fug: Kim Kardashian and Olivia Munn at Kanye’s “Famous” Exhibit

Kim & Olivia

OLIVIA: Hey Kim.

KIM: Heyyyyyyy.

OLIVIA: So… I thought this was a costume party?

KIM: Kickin’.

OLIVIA: Yes, but… was I not supposed to come as a Kardashian?

KIM: Bangin’.

OLIVIA: Because like, the braids, and the sheers, and these shorts… I’m kind of all of you rolled into one.

KIM: Roll it baby.

OLIVIA: Okay seriously though. Is this a costume party?

KIM: That’s fly.

OLIVIA: Are you even listening?

KIM: It’s a wig.

OLIVIA: Can I just say anything I want right now?

KIM: That’s sooooo dope.

OLIVIA: Oh, okay, this could be good. That outfit is the worst.

KIM: Rad.

OLIVIA: It’s a mesh bag over long underwear. And it’s giving you a labia shadow.

KIM: Oh em GEEE that would be the best Snapchat filter.

OLIVIA: NOW you pay attention? Shit.

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