Fugger: Emma Stone

Fugs or Fabs: Emma Stone (With Bonus Colin Firth AND Andrew Garfield)

Garfield has a beard now! Also: outfits!

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Mostly Well Played Again, Emma Stone (with bonus Firth)

This slideshow brings us many things I like: Emma Stone, cute dresses, sunglasses, Colin Firth, and A POSSIBLE RETURN OF THE LETTERMAN DUMPSTER?!?!!!

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Well Played, Emma Stone

Emma Stone looked VERY cute in both her coat and her dress on GMA this morning, and she also made all kinds of incredulous faces.

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Met Gala Well Played: Emma Stone in Thakoon and Andrew Garfield

When I first saw this, I was deeply concerned that it looked like she was wearing a sports bra. A good sports bra — a really cute sports bra — but a sports bra nevertheless. But the longer I lived with it, the more I grew to like it, and now I am on board. I admit these two could probably sell me on a situation wherein I had to be set on fire every fifteen minutes, though, so what do I know?

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Recent Well Playeds: Emma Stone

She has got to be over this endless merry-go-round of Spider-Man press, but at least she looks fab doing it.

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Fugs and Fabs: Emma Stone

I feel like right now she’s the Kate Middleton of the U.S., in the sense that we talk a lot about her hair, we’re charmed by how happy she is, we LOVE talking about her outfits, and we’re invested in her relationship with a guy who suddenly has less hair than he once did.

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