Fugger: Emma Stone

Mostly Well Played, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

“I’m going to set Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield,” I told Heather. “AKA, the celebrity Will and Kate.” Which I meant only in the sense that they’re very cute together and also that Fug Nation really enjoys them as a pair and likes talking about them. But then I saw that they’re PLANTING TREES on a school visit, and the analogy became yet more apt. ANYWAY. News you can use: her dress is very cute, but her shoes are terrible even for grubby outdoors-y chores (wear Converse like your boyfriend, Emma!) and Andrew has shaved his head. DISCUSS.

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Emma Stone in Vogue, May 2014

After the drama of Kimye, a breath of fresh, welcome air in the form of Emma Stone. Vogue, in fact, has a short film — very short, like 2 minutes — of her “preparing” for her newest role up on their website and it is just…she is the most charming person. She might be irresistible. Which is why I wish this cover, at least, was a little livelier? Her face looks fabulous — her brows are amazing — but I worry that the hat (and the weirdly crispy hair) is literally putting a lid on her essential lightness. On the other hand, her actual face looks fabulous. Just stick your hand over the hat and see. Right? Right.

Let’s take a real looksee, including at two shots from the inside shoot, and then come back and tell me what you think.

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Fugs and Fabs: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

I hope these two get a nice long vacation after their press tour is done. Maybe they can go sack out at Will and Kate’s country house and the four of them can trade stories from the road.

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

While Coachella and the MTV Movie Awards happened, so did the press tour and international premieres of the new Spider-Man movie trundle onward, with varying degrees of success, but high degrees of cuteness.

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Well Saturdayed: Emma Stone

In short, she is extremely cute in this:

In only slightly longer: it may be actually physically impossible for me to resist the combo of striped top + blazer + jeans + sunglasses + red lip. I cannot do it. And I actually do not want to.

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Well Played: Emma Stone in Versace

This is one of the most gently classy things I think Donatella’s House of WTF has ever produced.

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