This Santa Barbara Film Festival feels like it has been going on all year; every day that I log onto Getty Images, some new event has happened. This was “the American Riviera Award ceremony” and it honored Emma Stone’s Poor Things co-star Mark Ruffalo. They’ve also had “the Virtuoso Awards” and the “Variety Artisan Awards” and the “Maltin Modern Master Award” and the “Kirk Douglas Award” — that one was way back in January! Still coming up, “the Arlington Award,” the “Cinema Vanguard Award,” and the “Katharine Hepburn Lifetime Achievement Medal,” and I only made up one of those.

Listen, I GET IT. Santa Barbara is close to Los Angeles, so this is an easy event for any celeb to pop up for, and it’s also¬†gorgeous and relaxing so why not. If someone called my agent and was like, “come to the Biltmore for the weekend and be nice about Mark Ruffalo,” I’d go too!

Anyway, that was a sidebar! She looks fine. (I actually really like this. That sequined panel is like a very groovy backsplash and there’s nothing I like more.)

(Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images)