I was going to avoid looking up the plot of the film premiering here, “Miranda’s Victim,” so that I could imagine what happens in a movie with Abigail Breslin, Emily VanCamp, Andy Garcia, Mireille Enos, Luke Wilson, and Ryan Phillippe, and that was going to be quite whimsical, but I actually did look up the plot, and thank god because it’s based on a horrific true story that led to the Miranda law, and my jests would have been inappropriate. Good reminder to do your research! Anyway, this was a pretty starry kick-off to this film festival and that’s even without Donald Sutherland in the house. (He’s in the film. He’s not like my touchstone for if an event is sufficiently fancy.)

[Photos: CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock, Scott Kirkland/Shutterstock]