We just had a chilly and rainy weekend in Southern California, and let me be clear: I would have welcomed some Uggs. However, perhaps (definitely) not on the red carpet (unless, I guess, it’s at the premiere of an HBO limited series called Ugh: The War For Control of the Ugg Boot Empire or something) and it seems that the folks who tromped up to Santa Barbara for this event agreed, because none of them wore them. (But I assume everyone got them in their gift bags, and therefore had cozy tootsies on the drive back to Los Angeles for the Independent Spirit Awards.) We did, however, get a handful of intriguing looks, so all is not lost.

[Photos:  AFF-USA/Shutterstock, Stewart Cook/Shutterstock, Broadimage/Shutterstock,  Matt Baron/Shutterstock,  CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock]