Glamour, sadly still a digital-only magazine, did three different covers for Salma Hayek here: one for the US, one for Mexico, and one for Spain, with cover stories that are different for each one. (I put global in quotes because it’s their word, even though they don’t seem to have gone for a full international sweep with it.) The U.S. piece is a hoot — Salma is DEFINITELY Drinks With Broads material. You know she has stories.  She tells one in here about how her husband kept proposing and she’d say yes and then get freaked out about marriage and not show up, so her family tricked her into a courthouse wedding. (Fortunately it seems to have worked out.) We’re only allowed to excerpt 100 consecutive words, which is too bad because there are some wild lines that entertained me, but I did enjoy this:

What advice would you give your 30-year-old self?

I would say, “Stop being melodramatic; you’re only 30.” And especially for the women of my generation, it was like, “If I don’t have a child in five minutes, I’m not going to be able to be a mother.” Now the clock is not as strict as we thought. I would say, “Great things are coming your way. Do not settle for the wrong man.” That’s something I really thank myself for. And, “Do not listen to all these expiration dates that they give you.”

I suspect, when I look back at my life on my deathbed, “Stop being melodramatic” will be the one piece of truly evergreen advice I could have given myself at ANY age.

[Photos: Lauren Dukoff; story by Sam Reed (US), Farah Slim y Paola Juárez (Mexico), María Mérida (Spain)]