Glamour is announcing the rest of its Women of the Year nominees on November 1, but America Ferrera and Millie Bobby Brown got the covers. MBB is definitely maximizing her moment with a lot of non-acting projects, which she approaches with the kind of energy and hunger that feels like someone got in her ear and told her that fame is fleeting, and that she has to hurry up and be more than just Eleven, or Enola Holmes. She makes a joke in the piece about how, if she gets tired, she just takes a nap and then keeps going. Which is true, but also, she’s only 19! There’s no reason a Woman of the Year can’t also still be a YOUNG woman who is still finding herself, but I hope she gets to be 19 without feeling like she has to be a mogul all the time.

If you can get past the part where she lavishes love onto Crisp Rat — let’s assume it’s diplomacy! — she tosses in a little blind item about how “some” of the adults she’s worked with have been respectful and cool, and talks about her new fiancé Jake Bongiovi:

Still, she sometimes wavered. Was she too much? Bongiovi glimpsed it in her too—a doubt about herself.

“You don’t know why I love you!” he told her.

“I was like, ‘Why do you love me?’” says Brown. “And then he listed all these things that I hated about myself. I was like, ‘You see good in those things?’ And he was like, ‘Of course I do.’”

Those are things that I love about myself now,” she says. “He was a really big, huge part of me loving myself and becoming a woman. It was like, ‘Wow, I really love this person because he allows me to love myself.’”

Also, the photo shoot feels like… Mall Catalog Modeling.

[Photos: AB+DM; story by Jenny Singer]