This cover shot is SO ’80s, right down to the fact that she looks like she’s wearing a very chic windshield shade as a top. I like it and also it could easily be from a magazine in 1986. That is some Dancing On a Car In a Hair Band Video Hair if I’ve ever seen it..AND I’VE SEEN IT. It’s fun, but there is a photo in the inside editorial which is SO smiley and energetic; I’m sure they considered it for the cover. I enjoy this one, but the other one feels more like her (and her brand) to me.

On the heels of the Wall Street Journal asking Katie about her infamous cashmere bra, Glamour asks Katie about her horrible dress over pants situation in the opener to the (excellent) profile:

“I mean…wow,” Holmes says when I read her some headlines about the outfit over coffee on a sunny March morning. “That’s powerful language,” her voice heavy with sarcasm. She gamely throws me a few bones—she says girls in her neighborhood wear stuff like that all the time, the bustier covered only “half her behind,” so it couldn’t be a dress, and yeah, the vitriol was shocking—but it’s obvious that litigating a three-month-old outfit isn’t of interest to her, especially when she says, “Come on, women, let’s hold each other up here. Let’s look a little bit past what we’re wearing. That’s our duty amongst each other. I feel like the woman’s journey is deeper.”

My bad! Although I totally get why she didn’t want to go into it; personally, were I a PR professional, I’d just tell my clients to laugh and be like, “you win some, you lose some,” and leave it at that. It’s okay for people to discuss outfits! (Which she herself does later in the piece!) Having said that, Holmes comes across (and probably really is) super likeable here. I cannot, obviously, wait for the memoir.

[Credit: Writer: Perrie Samotin; Photographer: Christine Hahn; Fashion Editor: Brie Welch; Hair: DJ Quintero; Makeup: Genevieve Herr]
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