I truly thought, at first, that Katie Holmes was wearing some kind of Court Jester-y jumpsuit with ribbons all along the inside of one leg. But I investigated and I can tell you that she’s actually wearing a dress with….two giant pieces of fabric sewn together and ribbons attached to the seam between them, and also toeless hose. And then a blazer over it. (Also she has a nose ring now; it’s cute on her.)  This is PERPLEXING! It also reminds me that I just read an interview with Katie in the Wall Street Journal wherein she was asked about her infamous Cashmere Bra, and she said:

“I love the brand Khaite. But I have no idea why that took off. I’m not sure. I don’t know what a cashmere bra symbolized in terms of women going forward—or backward. I mean, did I burn it? Perhaps the cashmere bra should just have the credit go to its designers, as it was a step in a good direction for women to just have comfortable bras.” 

KATIE IT TOOK OFF BECAUSE YOU WERE WEARING A CASHMERE BRA AROUND AS A TOP. It had nothing to do with women moving in any director or the future of bras! It was because everyone was surprised to see Joey Potter go Sue Ellen Mischke! But it’s a classy move for her to spin this as a way to praise the designers, and in the moment, I’m sure she thought, “shit, I can’t say that it went viral because it’s sort of nutty to wear a bra as a top.” And we can all agree that a comfortable bra is good thing for us all. Do ribbon seams next!

Photo by Michael Simon/Shutterstock