It’s often fruitless to try and guess at the plots on this show, but the vibe of this photo is definitely more energetic and cultivated than just, “Oh hey, let’s wave at some fans walking by the set.” I’m trying to think what they could be doing. First I decided the two couples are on a campaign trail together — perhaps for governor? Mayor? — but you don’t really do that in tandem the way president/vice-president does. Maybe ONE of the four is running (Harry?) and the other three are there as spouse/friends/powerful local endorsements? Or maybe, going by Harry’s face, they’re just standing on a balcony and saw someone they know. Maybe Steve walked by. Maybe Aidan walked by, and Charlotte was gesturing at him derisively and he caught her and she had to turn it into a supportive salute. Yes.

[Photo: Steve Sands/NewYorkNewswire/Bauer-Griffin/Shutterstock, MediaPunch/Shutterstock, Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images]