Fugger: Diane Kruger

Casual Fuggerday: Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger

For those of you who (a) need a constant stream of Pacey, or (b) like stripe-y summer dresses, or (c) BOTH, I am HERE FOR YOU:

Those white shoes are a bold move, Diane. I am picking up what you’re putting down, but I might just be setting it aside to think about it later.

And for those of you who are thinking, “Pacey-Schmacy, I need a better look at her dress,” I’m here for you, TOO. It’s full-service here at GFY today:

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Diane Kruger

I LOVE IT when Diane Kruger has something to promote — in this case, The Bridge — because it means we are guaranteed something interesting to eyeball (if not Pacey into the bargain; today, I am sorry to tell you, is Pacey-less).

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Well Played, Diane Kruger in Mary Katrantzou

In this case, I think these shoes were the right call. Because honestly, ANYTHING else would compete with all the Stuff that’s already happening on the rest of her:

I love this, and I realize that may be insane and irrational. It’s SO busy, like a suit of armor made from stained glassed, and it’s arguably crazy, and a lesser fashion force would not have been able to pull this off. But Kruger has something like Carte Blanchett — Masterkruger? I welcome your suggestions — and I think she is rocking this. She looks like the lead in a rock opera of Joan of Arc, and in a really good way.

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Fug or Fab: Diane Kruger in Roland Mouret

Something about this to me feels very Pink Ladies from Grease, a movie my mother never would have let me watch at such an impressionable age had she herself actually paid attention to the song “Greased Lightening.” That is not really a complaint. Rizzo had it going on:

Although please don’t get me started on how Sandy changes her entire look for Danny. I mean, sure, those Candies heels and leggings are hot — and yes, he does come running up in that absurd letterman’s jacket as a NOD to parity, but he loses it right off, and come on, girl. If he loves you,  he’ll be fine with the fact that you wear your hair in that cute little flip. I mean, I love a makeover as much as the next girl, but I’m not kidding when I tell you that Sandy’s Makeover: We Hate This Message was the second most fired-up discussion I ever had in a collegiate course (I took a class on The Musical Film and I think our [male] TA was a little taken aback by all the FEELINGS the women had about the ending of Grease; the MOST fired-up discussion, of course, was in my American Women Authors class, in which all 65 of us men and women alike RAILED for 90 minutes about goddamn Amy “Bookburner” March ending up with Laurie at the end of Little Women, to the point where my prof had to be like, “OKAY LOOK IT HAPPENED.” We did not care to move on).

I am less enamored of the back:

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Critics Choice Television Awards Fug or Fab: Diane Kruger in Elie Saab

This is a very nice gown, and I’m not entirely sure how comfortable she looks in it.

Diane Kruger, 4th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards - Arrivals

Her makeup is pretty; her accessories game, weak; her DNA, unimpeachable. My note about this when it was on the runway was that I wished it ended as it began, and I stand by that — although I ALSO said it was too pretty to stay mad at for long, and I am not sure I can be as supportive of myself on that one. I keep wanting to trim it near the knees and make it a twirly party dress. But what’s really weird about this for me, and I think I blame it on the bodice, is that it makes her look almost swollen — like a box at Christmas that you’re trying to repurpose but your gifts just don’t quite fit and you’re trying, trying, and you end up wrapping it slightly bowed – and Diane Kruger is the opposite of swollen. Seriously, I keep staring at it and wondering if she put it on and then took an Alice In Wonderland pill. Why is that happening to her? It’s DIANE KRUGER. She is like the Cate Blanchett of Germany, frequently pulling off a high degree of difficulty. Is this like when you spend all your time practicing the hard stuff that you forget to cement the fundamentals? Why does that top fit so weirdly on her? Or am I just bleary and tired and TALKING SO MUCH TALKING and should just be quiet and let you vote? Yes.

Lay it on me:

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Fugs and Fabs: Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

You know how some people get breakup bangs? Katharine McPhee has a weird combination of newscaster head and breakup everything else.

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