Get ready for me to throw a lot of words at this, because I can’t decide how I feel. The criss-cross bodice here on Diane Kruger is perhaps a little straitjacket-adjacent for me, but the skirt is pretty, as is the color, and I appreciate that she used the clutch to try and tie it together with the shoes. I honestly think what’s throwing me off the most is the hair. It looked as it usually does a month ago but here it’s like she got peanut-butter in it and had to cut it out, or like she tried to give herself a Julie Andrews and then punted (the back, I couldn’t see, but it doesn’t SEEM to be a pixie). Whatever the case, it comes across here as messy and perhaps rained-on, and it’s killing the vibe of the rest of the dress, which I think I would otherwise enjoy. I don’t know. Life is hard. My hair is terrible right now and I don’t know what to do about it, because if I cut it all off and start over, I will ALSO hate THAT. (Yes, these are not real problems.)

Let’s move onto Diane #2, a.k.a. Drinks With Broads President Christine “Diane Lockhart” Baranski:

'Thelma and Louise' Women in Motion screening event, Arrivals, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA - 28 Jan 2020

If I had a Pinterest board, it would be all shots of her. It will be so disappointing in 20 years when I realize I have forgotten to age into this.

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