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I actually really like this cover! Whoever thought to go with the photo where her body is making a more-or-less diagonal line on the cover was firing on all cylinders that day; it’s visually arresting and has a good sense of movement, which can be unusual on a cover.

One of the nice things about this profile is that it does not pull any punches — no pun intended — that Diane works out a lot. It’s pinned to The 355, the movie she’s in with Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, and Fan Bingbing where they’re all spies (I think?) and which I fear is bad despite a truly stellar cast because it’s being released in this calendar deadzone, in which she apparently does her own fight scenes, but I suspect Diane is just…a worker-outer. If not by nature:

Working out four times a week—the only hours she’s guaranteed to be alone—has also become more important. In her current weekly gym routine, she does the elliptical, burpees, box jumps, situps, planks, and 20-pound squats. “It’s the moments when I don’t have to talk to anyone that help me the most,” she says. “I’m a little socially awkward; I’m not good at schmoozing with people, so I’ve always looked for moments to be by myself.” Prior to relishing that solo time, Diane viewed exercise as a chore. “I was naturally skinny when I was younger, and I did a lot of ballet and ballroom dancing, so I didn’t work out traditionally. But by the time I hit about 32, I felt my metabolism change. That’s when I thought I needed to work out to be able to eat what I wanted—and I dreaded it.”

I appreciate this sort of thing in a profile rather than the “well, I just do some light stretches!” I am NOT a worker-outer but I do love the idea of someone being like, “I want to eat more cheese and also I don’t want to talk to anyone at all..I know. BURPEES.”

Additionally, I am pretty bummed that The 355 isn’t getting a big red carpet push for obvious Covid reasons, because you know that cast would BRING IT. But we’re back to Insta snaps:


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Click to the second pic to see the full-length look. It’s pretty dreamy.

[Photos: Caleb & Gladys for Women’s Health]