I actually think Taraji looks great here. But it took me a while to focus on her face, because I was distracted by her outfit. (It must be hard to come up with a variety of unusual and editorial-looking workout ensembles for magazines like this one, honestly. There are only so many leggings/sports bra/tennis skirts combos in the world.) I thought it was a sweater-bodysuit with the armpits snipped out (wise for working out). Then, I thought it was a swimsuit-type bodysuit with a….turtleneck dickie with sleeves over it? But now I’ve looked closer and I think it is a Poofy-Sleeved Sweater Bodysuit. This is a confusing garment!!

Anyway, the interview is more straightforward! (And you can get a more illuminating look at her outfit.)

Eventually, though, Taraji noticed her lockdown lifestyle was taking a toll on her physical and mental health. “I was like, ‘This can sink me,’” she says. “The older you get, the harder it is to get in shape. I didn’t want to be climbing out of a hole.” Her low point was the morning she woke up with crumbs in her bed and a Cheeto stuck to her face. “That’s when I realized I had to do everything I could to feel good, or that depression thing was going to get the best of me,” she recalls. The first thing she did was hit the gym. “When I get those endorphins going, I’m like a whole different girl,” she says.

Who hasn’t woken up with a Cheeto stuck to their face?!? Relatable.

[Photo credit: Marcus Smith for Women’s Health]