Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are in a from-hate-to-love rom-com called Anyone But You, and he got Men’s Health, so concurrently Sydney landed on Women’s Health. Such synergy. The photoshoot did not… treat her as tenderly as Glen Powell’s did? We do get a butt shot, though not a naked one, like his. There’s a nice one of her diving into the water, and they use side angles and sunglasses a lot of the time, and I think that must be because — for whatever reason — they couldn’t figure out how to use her naturally sleepy eyes to their advantage. She looks totally zoned out in the ones where she’s staring at the camera.

There isn’t much to the profile, so I’m going on a tangent here. I read this piece:

She soft-launched the idea of Lake Syd last summer after bringing her stylist and other members of her work team to her family’s lake for a week. At the trip’s end, she captioned an Instagram post chronicling their adventures, “wish you knew lake syd.”

So who exactly is Lake Syd? “She’s truly just who I am at the core, everything stripped away,” Sydney says. “I wrote that caption because everyone with me was like, ‘Wow, really wish the world could see Lake Syd,’ because it’s just who I am.”

Lake Syd goes on hikes with her rescue dog, Tank, and spends her free time organizing her house. She drives a four-wheeler in the woods and likes to jump off a rope swing into the water. She wears matching Christmas PJs with her family (including Tank) and dreams of opening an ice cream shop. More than anything, Lake Syd loves slalom waterskiing.

And I immediately got this in my head:

[Photos: Dennis Leupold]