I did not notice this at the time, and don’t recall anyone discussing it in 2006, though perhaps I’m just forgetful. But assembling these flashback slideshows one after the other has made me realize thet in 2006, Reese Witherspoon wore the exact same dress that Kirsten Dunst donned in 2003. Now, obviously, upon occasion repeats do happen. But here’s why this was such a weird styling fail: Reese WON this year. She was the presumptive favorite to take Best Actress in a Drama for Walk The Line, and she did. Knowing this was going to be a big moment, a) why isn’t she in a BETTER dress, always a relevant question, and b) who is giving her something from 2003 that another actress wore TO THE SAME EVENT? Where did the pipeline break?

This is Chanel fall 2002 couture. So it had been kicking around for a while before it landed with Kirsten, much less Reese. Do we think something happened to Reese’s original pick and this was a backup dress? I know styling wasn’t as prevalent back then, but wasn’t ABSENT, either, and certainly Reese Witherspoon for her big night could have called up a dozen things from anyone that hadn’t already been worn. It’s just weird, especially as this was long before the archival/sustainability conversation. Maybe Karl’s krew just krapped out.

Also, if you’re thinking, “Wait, are you skipping 2005?” the answer is: No, we already covered that one. And 2007, in fact. Why did we blow off 2006? GREAT QUESTION. I can only assume we did a flashback for someone else, as a freelance project? Anyway, I’ll include the links to those two galleries below so that we can partake of the glories. For some reason, I can’t get 2005 to insert properly, so just click here to revisit Diane Kruger’s crazy metallic curtain dress. And then:

Also in 2006, some Michelle and Heath, some bad Heidi and blah Hathaway, and a great gown in neon yellow.

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