Green had a bit of a moment this year, but yes, there’s also a whole SLEW of black and neutrals. In 2011, all it took was five dresses to feel like it was A MOMENT in a sea of the same old stuff.

The fun news about 2011 is, we were so spry and young and energetic, we ALSO did a whole slideshow about accessories:

Also, as noted in the last post, we’ve got slideshows recapping some of the years between that one and this one.  There was no Globes in 2008, because of the WGA strike — it was Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell reading names at a podium — but we’ve got 2009 and 2010 right here for you.

Herein, young(er) Hailee Steinfeld, Angelina, Mila and Natalie, a giant sleeve, and Olivia Wilde’s princess moment.

[Photos: Getty]