Fugger: Carrie Underwood

Well Played: Carrie Underwood in Rubin Singer

The short version is: I love it.

Carrie Underwood Samsung Hope For Children Gala

The long version is: Has she changed stylists? Because she seems to be moving away from Blonde Sparkle Pony into stuff that’s more interesting, if not always successful — although this one totally is and as a cruel bonus, I want her shoes. I can think of any number of starlets who should be green that they didn’t get this first, Lea Michele among them, and in fact, I wish her duet partner Miranda Lambert would go for something like this instead of the monochrome, tight, and plunging rut she’s in right now. So well played Ms. Underwood, you have beaten many a lady to the punch. Although… is the one side of the skirt actually shorter than the other, or is it an optical illusion? WAIT. NO. I’m going to stay strong and see no evil here, because it’s entirely too early in my day for my affections to be rebuffed. I haven’t even had a Diet Coke yet.

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CMTs Mostly Well Played: Carrie Underwood (in Roberto Cavalli) and Miranda Lambert (in Celia Kritharioti)

Carrie-Underwood-Miranda-Lambert-CMTs-2014 (1)

CARRIE UNDERWOOD: Hi Miranda. You look…as expected. But, you know, in a cute way.

MIRANDA LAMBERT: I could say exactly the same to you.

CARRIE: I feel like everyone kind of half-assed the event.

MIRANDA: In the sense that we basically all decided to wear a dress we’d already picked out for a wedding we’re going to later in the month?

CARRIE: Basically. But with slightly more boob.

MIRANDA: A wedding where we’re trying to go home with the best man?

CARRIE: Dibs on that for my new single.

MIRANDA: Fine. So if that’s the wedding, then I assume our performance outfits were…..

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Billboard Music Awards Fug Carpet: Carrie Underwood in Oriett Domenech

Her hair looks a lot darker from the front. Then again, so does the foundation she pasted on with a trowel, so maybe it’s just the lighting. And you know I’m stalling on expressing my feelings for the dress when I’m delving THAT deep into whatever her hair situation is. But Carrie Underwood is the proto-Country Blonde, so it’s always big news if suddenly she looks like a Country Whiskey-Colored-Hair Person.

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Fugs and Fabs: The TIME 100 Gala

In which My Beloved Martha Stewart wears gold lamé capri pants in public for the THIRD TIME. Martha! You’ve taught me so much: how to fold a fitted sheet, that it’s okay to drink cocktails at like 11 a.m. as long as you’re on TV,  how to make a really good turkey chili. But I will not bend on the subject of these pants.

Other people appeared at this event as well, and some of them looked fabulous and then some of them…didn’t.

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ACMs Fug and Fabs: Lightbox Purge

Am I crazy, or does Spears The Younger look pretty darn cute for her big return to the public eye? I mean, yeah, she’s wearing hair from Ye Olde Underwood Wig Shoppe, but she’s got a bracelet AND there’s nary a nude shoe in sight.

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Fug the Promo Materials: “The Sound of Music” Live on NBC

IT IS UPON US: Tonight, NBC is airing a three-hour live Sound of Music extravapalooza starring Carrie Underwood and Stephen “True Blood” Moyer (or as I’m calling him, Compton Von Trapp). It’s based on the Broadway musical and not the movie, which means the songs and who sing them change a little. This skews my expertise because I’ve never seen the stage show, due to being so enamored of the film and Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer and Charmian Carr and Eleanor Parker’s fascinating drawn-on eyebrows and Marni “Eliza Doolittle’s Voice” Nixon and (I almost wrote Marti Noxon, although if she had been in it I’m sure I’d have loved her too) and Lila Quartermaine and Future Mrs. Robert Urich and Friedrich’s teeth and KURT THAT’S THE ONE I FORGOT GOD BLESS KURT and even crazy somewhat-hard-to-listen-to Peggy Wood. While we wait to see how this version stacks up — we will be tweeting throughout the West Coast airing at @fuggirls; what’s the over/under on how far into this thing we’re thrown into Twitter jail? — let’s dish the promotional/rehearsal stills.

And no, we are not being paid to discuss the poster; longtime readers of the site, or even possibly short-time readers of the site, should not be surprised that Jessica and I have been looking forward to this with equal parts glee and dread. It likely won’t have anything as glorious as Plummer’s near-homicidal delivery of “THERE ISN’T GOING TO BE ANY BARONESS… ANYMORE” and Friedrich’s teeth screaming “FRAULEIN MARIA’S COME BACK FROM THE ABBEY” about ten seconds too late. But it has Audra McDonald, so… I’m listening.