Well, we just got Fauxrie Underwood; let’s now jump to the real thing.

It is predictable on almost all fronts: It’s tight, it’s white, it’s so short that we’re practically doing her inner-thigh workout with her, she’s wearing pale lipstick. What’s new is her shaggier straight ‘do in stead of a feathered center-part with big waves, like she is tempted to become a newscaster in the ’90s. She’s obviously feeling post-baby confident — and rightly; sometimes I imagine Kate Middleton has a whole wardrobe of this stuff that she can ONLY wear around the house for William and the nanny, and that she glares enviously at photos lie this in Hello! every week because you KNOW she would love to be like CHECK ME OUT YOU GUYS and can’t — but I also think she’s hoping the excellence of her legs will distract us from the pattern, which to me looks too much like extremely organized mildew. I can’t get behind that, although it has reminded me to check the boys’ swim-class bag to make sure nothing is rotting in there, so for that my family is grateful.

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