When I saw this photo, I seriously thought to myself, “Another twenty-something knockoff Underwood who bought L’Oreal Country Blonde #12.”

And then I saw that it was Lee Ann, and had to pause for a second. She’s been blonde for a while, I guess, but something about her entire mien here screams cookie-cutter Carrie to me. And we already HAVE an Underwood, and a Kellie Pickler, and a Kimberly Perry, and a hundred other people with the same hair and skin dye-jobs. She is Lee Ann Womack. She is established. And Lee Ann is forty-eight years old. Congrats for her for not looking the part; I have more wrinkles in my furrow than she does on her entire face. But I do wish she would’ve bypassed the twee, slumping doily, most recently featured as part of a child’s First Communion tablescape, and tried a bit less to look like a bashful twenty-something wallflower and a bit more to look like HERSELF. Or at least a person with lip-colored lips.

[Photo: Getty]