Fugger: Anne Hathaway

Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway in Roksanda Ilincic

Anne hath hit the junket trail for Rio 2, and I do hope it’s a nice long one, because — as much as I needed a vacation from all those damn dreams she dreamed — she is working with a new stylist now and interestingly, I think the actual styling is my primary objection to this. However, it’s certainly a lot more colorful than her Les Mis press tour was, but then again, presumably the bird she voices is not a consumptive, toothless French prostitute, which can really bum out your palette.

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Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway at the Elsa and Fred Premiere

I don’t even know why I’m putting this to a vote except maybe the time change has made me kinder (it has not; it’s made me violent and sleepy, which is at least not a very productive combination):

I may honestly just be cutting her some slack because the idea of Anne Hathaway deciding to do all her wardrobe replenishing at Cost Plus World Market this spring is entertaining to me. “Yes, I will buy this charming camel made of brightly colored fabric remnants. And I will also buy this adorable ceramic soap dish shaped like a turtle! Oh, yes, and some wine. And then some more wine. And some wrapping paper. And some obscure foreign candy! Excellent. Wait. What did I come here for again? RIGHT. A potentially flammable and slightly shapeless maxi-dress they’ve stocked here by the woven Venetian blinds since 1998. Done! Ooh, I also need a new bathmat!”

At least she’s not wearing the bath mat.

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Oscars Meh Carpet: Anne Hathaway in Gucci

Poor Anne Hathaway. When she walked out onstage to present Best Supporting Actor, to the dulcet tones of “I Dreamed a Dream,” everyone at GFY HQ groaned. It’s totally not her fault, and it was — of course — on topic — but you know part of her had to think, “yeah, that song reminds me AND EVERYONE ELSE of when humanity was so sick of me.” And we have not been able to escape Les Miserables, considering that 46% of all figure skaters in the world performed to it this season. Heather and I were in London in January working on The Royal We, our new book (it’s loosely based on Kate Middleton), and even the pianist at the Dorchester was murdering it. You haven’t had tea until you’ve done it to a jauntily rendered tune about a dying prostitute. ANYWAY. I have some sympathy for Anne, and part of that comes from the fact that this reminds me of her Burberry BAFTAs dress from last year but it isn’t as good. Let’s take a closer look

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Shockingly Decently Played, Comparatively: Madame Tussaud’s Anne Hathaway Figure

Usually, these suckers freak me out and make me wonder why the actual person doesn’t slap the bejeesus out of ol’ Madame with a lawsuit. But this one is quite eerily good.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Stand-Up to Cancer Event

SO many people came to this thing, in part, I am sure, because no one wants to say, “meh, cancer, whatever” when you get invited to a charity event devoted to curing it. An excellent cause indeed. And don’t worry, Diane Kruger and Pacey get their own post all to themselves, up next. We have to discuss them separately, because I have THEORIES. I also have a theory about the people here as well, actually and that theory is that some of their stylists have mentally checked out post-Grammys/pre-Oscars. In other words: NO ONE IS SAFE RIGHT NOW.

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Fugs and Fabs: Anne Hathaway at Sundance

We went to London to research the new book a couple of weeks ago and we were having tea at the Dorchester — highly recommended by a very helpful Fug National, thank you — and the pianist (they have a pianist! It’s v. posh) launched into the most spirited version of “I Dreamed a Dream,” and I thought to myself, “wow, I wonder what Anne Hathaway is up to.” NOW WE KNOW.

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Anne Fugthaway

Anne Hathaway took some time out of the public eye after she won all the awards and made America’s eyes roll out of their heads and down the street to the local bar. That may not have been WHY she backed away, exactly, but I’m sure the backlash and the whole dress fiasco took a lot out of her — plus she probably just wanted to be married and quiet for a while and catch up on all the TV clogging her DVR. But now she has surfaced.

And that’s a very tentative reappearance. The color of the dress is about all the oomph this has; the cut isn’t very flattering — it’s a total Uterine Secret style — and the little piece of detail right over her Hathacave gives the illusion from a distance that we are sightseeing there, when in fact it’s opaque and patterned. The shoes have a little twinkle, which is cute, but they do nothing to enhance or elevate the overall aesthetic. And as much as I grew to like the pixie cut on her for a while there, this iteration of it isn’t as stylish. It ages her. So the whole thing for me is underwhelming, a little seasonally off (it’s only spring in the southern hemisphere, girlfriend), and 0verall feels kind of like she would rather STILL be sitting at home catching up on all the TV clogging her DVR. I don’t blame her. Sleepy Hollow isn’t going to watch itself.

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