Fugger: Anne Hathaway

Oscars Luncheon Well-Played and Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway and Naomi Watts

I have no idea what is happening in half these Oscar Luncheon photos, but the backgrounds of each of them is funnier than the last:

I’m not sure if I am as delighted by Naomi’s dress, though. It’s not BAD, but something about the hem makes me feel sad and alone.

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In better news, LA HATHAWAY:

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DGAs Well Played, Anne Hathaway

This may prove to be controversial. But I just love it. This might be the first time I’ve said that about Valentino in at least a week. Possibly because it’s a Valentino from last year, but whatever. Call this a Valentine to Valentino.

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SAG Awards Fug Carpet, Plus PGA Awards Bump-Mongering: Anne Hathaway

Rumor on the street, of course, is that Hathaway is pregnant. If she’s not, the Producer’s Guild Awards dress at the end of this slideshow would like us to continue wondering, at least through the Oscars. And if she is, one day her child may look at this dress from the SAGs and say, “If only I’d had intrauterine veto power on the wardrobe.”

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Golden Globes Well Played, Anne Hathaway

The pregnancy rumors started on Twitter just before the red-carpet did (she’s been married for, what, two whole months now? I’m surprised it took this long) and having just seen Anne Hathaway in this dress looking sleek and lean, we pooh-poohed them. But then we got a good look at this two-piece Chanel, and although she does not herself look pregnant, the bodice DID appear to be leaving room for gestational hijinks. Cosette ahoy?

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Critics’ Choice Awards Well Played: Anne Hathaway

After all of Anne’s theatrics during the Les Miserables junkets, I think this was a really smart pick:

At first I wsn’t sure if the sternum region was as flattering to her as it could be, but actually, this sucker is slinky and shimmery and sexy and gorgeous without needing to tack on a cape or any boots that may or may not once have been seen in a sex swing. Simplicity is refreshing every once in a while. Also, this might mean she’s just lulling us into submission for something REALLY INSANE at the Golden Globes, and that is in fact my fondest hope. I’m rooting for her to wear the actual sex swing this time. While we wait, though, I’m perfectly happy gazing at how long and willowy and trim she looks in this, and wondering if I have the strength to give up bread. (I don’t. It will be a short conversation with myself.)

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Fugs and Fabs of the National Board Of Review Awards

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are possibly my favorite celebrity couple right now. There is something about them that makes me want to invite them over for tacos and college basketball. Also: Angela Bassett, you guys. She looks….well, you’ll find out.

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