Anne recently announced that she’s pregnant again, which is very exciting, especially as she referenced “conception hell” and admitted it was “not a straight line” to her pregnancies (I always appreciate it when celebrities are honest about their human struggles; among other things it does help erode any stigma, because no matter how much I talk about, say, infertility, it’s never going to have the same impact as when someone the world actually pays attention to speaks up about it). She then popped up at TCAs to promote Amazon’s anthology series Modern Love, based on the New York Times column, and every time I glance quickly at this dress my brain dupes me into thinking she’s cupping her belly. It’s actually an embrace that’s depicted on her dress, and appears possibly to be a statue (?), and I can’t even tell if the arms there line up with where hers would be. It’s a clever little gag to wear something that kind of approximates touching your pregnancy belly without you actually doing it. And I love the swirly skirt with the yellow panels. On the rack, so to speak, I don’t think I’d give this a second look. But she’s giving it whimsical context and she looks very, very happy, and so I’m smiling and my thumb is firmly up.

[Photo: Shutterstock]