Eva Longoria: Hi, Isabela!

Isabela Moner: Hello! Hola! Soy Dora!

Eva: Hah, yes, of course, congratulations on getting to be our live-action Dora. It was wonderful fun.

Isabela: We had such an exciting shoot! What was YOUR favorite part of the shoot?

Eva: I think–

Isabela: I liked that part TOO.

Eva: … Okay. So anyway, I wanted to talk to you about something. That’s… quite a dress.

Isabela: It was in my backpack! Can YOU say BACKPACK?

Eva: Yes I can. But isn’t it kind of a LOT for a Dora movie premiere?

'Dora and the Lost City of Gold' Film Premiere, Arrivals, Regal LA Live, Los Angeles, USA - 28 Jul 2019

Isabela: Which part do YOU think is a lot? If YOU think it’s the cleavage, say, “Cleavage!” If YOU think it’s the illusion netting, say, “ILLUSION NETTING!” If YOU think it’s the sparkles, say, “SPARKLES!”

Eva: Boy, you are committed. Can I pick more than one?


Eva: Fine, cleavage! Cleavage. It was almost the netting, but no, it’s just the neckline in general.

Isabela: Uh-oh, someone wants to steal my happy!┬áIf YOU see Eva, yell, “Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, NO SWIPING! SWIPER, NO SWIPING!”

Eva: Oh, man. … Wait, who are you even talking to?

Isabela: We did it! We did it! Time to go inside and watch the movie. Come on, vamonos, everybody let’s go…

Eva: Sigh. Well, I like my dress, anyway.

Michael Pena: Hi!

Eva: Not right now, Michael. I’m gonna need a minute before anyone talks to me about a sequel.

[Photos: Shutterstock, InstarImages.com]