You know, it might not even be bad. Certainly not by her regular standards.

But I just keep thinking, “Honey, by definition, there can’t be another Olsen twin.”

Except let’s be honest: There is a part of me that’s pretty sure I need to swoop into Fashion Week wearing that coat.

[Photo: WENN]


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  1. ceecee

    What’s the deal with these sweet young things wanting to dress like octogenarian society matrons after a 6-martini lunch?

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      If I were an octogenarian society matron I would not be wearing anything like this. Even after 6 martinis I’d not wear anything like this.

  2. Sarah

    Literally nothing about this outfit is salvageable

  3. Sajorina

    To be honest the only 2 things that bother me about this outfit are 1) the two-toned hair and 2) the orthopedic leopard print shoes! The shirt and the pants look fine, the coat is nice (but way too big for her) and I like the bag! She needs some makeup & jewelry, though!

  4. vandalfan

    Yes, those are Frankenstein shoes, and the fur lapel should lay down, not stick out so. And extensions What.

  5. Chris

    2) Yes, you DO.

    1) In total agreement. M-K and A only have enough pelvis for themselves – they can’t fit Shenae in as well.

    4) Yes, I ‘m going out of order. dealwithit.jpg

    3) That is not a lapel on her coat. That is what ate the lapel on her coat.

  6. Jules

    I don’t mind this so much, the smile on her face makes me think of it as a costume.
    If she had a serious, glowering stare like MK & A, I’d be worried.
    If anything, the lapels on the coat need to flare out even more wickedly.

  7. jessica

    Women’s Funny Saying T-Shirts says I don’t like this dress so much because all things are not clear .

  8. What's The New Black

    Oh no, disastrous. Definitely like the MK and Ashley, yes, and honestly, they’re the only ones who can pull it off… (well, sometimes).

  9. Toronto Girl

    Being a fellow Torontonian to Ms. Grimes I find this very typical. Many girls here think that putting on all the on trend pieces in your wardrobe make you stylish…..it does not. Take the above shot as a case and point.