May of you may be familiar with these photos already, but we certainly can’t let a little something like “the weekend” distract us from a good old-fashioned bout of WTF whiplash.

So. Here is Sofia, wandering around the set of Modern Family on her way to her car, sporting an outfit that really should incite a roiling “tights are not pants” rant, in which I would then share the story of the time I was shopping for a cheap wig at Aah’s and saw a girl wearing nylons as pants. She wasn’t trying on costumes, wasn’t doing anything transitional, just… wearing naught but L’eggs on her legs, white cotton crotch pad flapping in the breeze.

Well, let me tell you, my kingdom for a white cotton crotch pad:

Sometimes I try not to post candids — we’ve all had one of those days where we run errands looking like a vagrant — but it’s not like she’s wandering her way out of her house to buy Theraflu. She’s at her place of work, and said place is a film or TV set of some ilk, so its a very likely place for people to snap photos. Although you know what, even if she’d been on a Theraflu acquisition run I’d still have posted these because they are cracked out in the literal sense. Her crack. Is out. You CANNOT accessorize with your bun canyon. Tights are not pants. And tight especially are not panties.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]