Who Fugged It More (Or Less): Gwen Stefani vs. Iman

When I tell you Stella McCartney designed this, even if you don’t have a photographic memory for her stuff, you are going to say, “Of course she did.”

Because every time there is something sort of cracky and square with an element of transparency, Stella McCartney ends up being the one who was behind it — ┬ájust like how every time somebody shows up like they are a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon of tulle, it’s a Marchesa.

And with Stella, it goes double if the outfit in question scrolls down and ends in pants.

Now, Iman wore this in gold to the Met Ball, and it was kind of fabulous on her. But there are some key differences: One, Iman wasn’t wearing every single piece of makeup in her drawer; two, Iman is Iman; three, Iman’s hair looked all naturally fabulous instead of frizzy-twee; four, it fit Iman, whereas Gwen seems to have taped it to her chest in such a way that the front won’t hang properly and has turned into an art-deco accident; and five, it just looked better in gold. Now, of course, there are some people for whom Gwen Stefani can do no wrong because she is Gwen Stefani, and I get it, but to me this turns her into a giant rectangle with legs, kind of like how in grade school sometimes I half-bisected my souvenir erasers from field trips and then made them walk around on my desk. Iman looked sexy and bodacious; Gwen looks like bad geometry.

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  1. Willow

    I abhore jumpsuits, but I kind of love Iman’s, but tha is probably because she is Iman.

    Gwen’s needs to be sintched in at the waist a bit, this makes her amazing figure look so rectangular. The belt, also does not go with the outfit at all, it looks so worn and unglamourous.

  2. CJ

    How far apart are her boobs??? Or is she really small and I never noticed. Having the front open down to your navel looks utterly silly when you have nothing to show. It looks like a Johnny Weir costume…but it looked better on Johnny Weir. And, I don’t get see-through sleeves with big shoulder pads showing through. It makes her look much broader than she is. Don’t care for the pink lipstick and frizzy do either. But I love it from the waist down!

  3. CJ

    Oh, but I loved it on Iman.

  4. Allison Macias

    She looks terrible. Hate the hair, the way to open slit, the makeup. And her smile? WTF. Its creepy. I’m going to have nightmares about this.

  5. julia

    I believe David Bowie gave Iman some good advice on how to pull off a sequined jumpsuit.

  6. kimmy

    i adore gwen and i think she can rock a jumpsuit. the fit is off though. i love the pink lipstick, but she has on a TON of foundation.

  7. Zuzzie

    Gwen Stefani, Sir, you are no Iman.

  8. M.Amanda

    Gwen is awesome. While I don’t like a lot of stuff she wears, she still pulls it off. BUT, Iman always wins because she sold her soul to the devil in exchange for eternal gorgeousness long before Gwen did.

  9. Share

    @ julia: Awesome!

  10. Susie Q

    I swear to God, Stella McCartney cannot design a single flattering outfit to save her life, I do not see the appeal of her clothes at all.

  11. Chrissy Cunningham

    I don’t mind it that muhc, granted I’m firnly in the “Gwen can do no wrong” category. But i LOVE her hair and makeup for the night and applauded her desire to veer away from the fire engine red lips. I would have like the jumpsuit with not quite so much going on and with a wider leg. oh my. I just typed that.

  12. Krista

    Gwen looks okay, but the bodice does need some work – not so loose around her waist, have the shoulders come closer so the V doesn’t have to curve to keep her covered.
    As much as Pacey is Kruger’s best accessory, so Gavin is Gwen’s in my eye. Gorgeous!

  13. The Other Molly

    The four horsemen of the Apocalypse approach.
    We are ACTUALLY being asked to judge who looks better in a JUMPSUIT???

  14. Annie E

    I think Gwen’s boobs look better in it than Iman’s.

  15. vandalfan

    In general, I prefer the black with silver detail a lot more than screaming gold lame’. Both of the necklines are too wide open. I prefer Gwen’s belt and Iman’s everything else.

  16. Chasmosaur


    I was thinking the same thing. That…and she’s IMAN. I love Gwen Stefani – she’s ver pretty and an awesome rocker grrrl, but she has nothing on Iman when it comes to wearing fashion. Or marrying a rock star. Or big hair….

  17. LoriK

    I sort of have to go with Susie Q on this one. I never loved Stella McCartney’s stuff but I used to feel like I understood why other people liked it. The last couple of years she’s totally fallen into “don’t get it at all” territory. What happened?

  18. Sherri

    !The Other Molly — well, the day of the Rapture has been scheduled, so impossible stuff is gonna start up right about now.

    Iman would look good in a HoJo bathtowel, and Gwen works hard on what she has. I blame McCartney. Someone take the fabric and the pencil AWAY from that woman!

  19. Chasmosaur


    The appeal to her clothes, I think, is that in buying them, they get some reflected Beatles glow.

    I still contend her label would have gotten off the ground if she wasn’t Sir Paul’s daughter. If that jumpsuit looked awesome on Iman, it’s because Iman can – as noted above – look good in a HoJo bathtowel.

  20. Chasmosaur

    That should be “never have gotten off the ground” Accidental deletion in there somewhere…

  21. catlover2x

    Is it just me or did anyone else say, “Carmen Carrera made GFY!”

  22. Camille

    I adore Gwen, and I like the pink lipstick on her. But the black glitter jumpsuit, despite the navel-hugging neckline, manages somehow to look both hard & cheap, and matronly, on her. It pains me to type this, but she looks frumpy. And stumpy. And suspiciously like her head is twisted around backwards and we’re looking at her shoulder blades. The jumpsuit completely buries her lovely figure.

  23. minette

    i don’t like stella mccartney’s stuff – and so do not understand her appeal as a designer. most of what she comes up with does NOT flatter the wearer. and yet her buddies continue to wear her stuff. i always feel like it’s a case of the emperor wearing no clothes – everybody patronizing and fawning when it’s really not all that.

    iman pulled it off because she’s iman.

  24. JanetP

    @Julia FTW!

  25. Kary

    Listen to Iman! (remember that from Rosie’s talk show? I can’t see Iman without saying it)

    @catlover2x — HAHA!!

  26. mary lou bethunem

    They both look so stunningly beautiful .. they both win…
    Gwen is shimmeringly lovely! Inman is iconically beautiful.

  27. gryt

    I love Gwen’s hair and makeup!

  28. Anne B

    I’m in the Iman camp. It’s not just the Bowie thing, either. It’s the glow of *that skin*. It’s like someone fashioned her out of gold and is waiting for the rest of us mortals to notice.

    That said, does anyone else find it odd that both women have hair colors just slightly lighter than that of their skin? This may be what makes Gwen look good in black, and Iman look good in any color AT ALL.

    Re the jumpsuit: hate it. I’d hate it on anyone. Someone please replace Stella with a truly talented 14-year-old. Thanks.

  29. Julia

    She is rocking the pink lipstick though – it’s a nice change for her.

  30. havfruen

    Nothing surprises me anymore, not even grown women wearing jumpsuits.
    Asking which wore it better is like asking whether you want to crash in a car or a plane – they are both bad!
    But of course, there is no accounting for taste – there are still tons of women out there wearing UGGs, for God’s sake!

    At least women wearing Crocs and Birkenstocks are not labouring under the illusion that they are cool, fashionable, or trendy.

  31. Aunt Patsy

    ummm, it’s only more flattering on Iman ’cause girlfriend knows how to pose at an ANGLE! you don’t do yourself any favors by squaring your hips to the camera. Iman wins with her modeling tricks!

  32. 'Mela

    Gwen needs to discover a new look for herself.
    Her make up is too harsh-
    That 80′s Dick Tracy-comic-book-severe is old.

    There are more than two shades of lipstick, Gwen!

    The black jumpsuit on Gwen is cold, unflattering, and lifeless…

    The coppery version on Iman radiates warmth, curves, and vitality.

  33. Bambi Anne Dear

    It is rather odd that I hate the severe plunge on Gwen but not on Iman. Maybe the skin colour? I do like the suit overall. Both of them.

  34. urwatuis

    what’s up with gwen’s chest? i knew she was small but, for a while she seemed to be stacked on top and now she’s back to the flat look??

  35. Lina

    To me it seems that Gwen is getting worn by this jumpsuit. Imam wore the hell out of it — and I agree that the gold was prettier, possibly because of better draping. (And I love that she and Bowie have jumpsuit history in common–I am SO FOND of his early work, omg–but I don’t want to give him the credit for Imam’s own rightful badassery.) Gwen gets points for daring, but in the end it’s still a mess.

  36. pamplemousse


  37. Claire

    Did a plane containing nothing but hideous Stella McCartney clothes recently drop its cargo over Los Angeles or something? I swear, everybody is wearing her lately which drives me nuts because she is by far my least favorite designer. So glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed how square and unflattering her clothes are.

  38. Stacey F.

    Gwen looks AhhhmaaZING!!!!

  39. Jasmine

    I mean, she looks like Gumby.

    Praying Stella didn’t make this in green.

  40. s

    The hair = awesome. Wish the lipstick was matte. Jumpsuit – no comment.

  41. Matilda

    A top slashed to the navel doesn’t look good on men or women. That’s all I’m saying.

  42. Lori

    Not into the jumpsuit at all — but I *love* Gwen’s makeup! It makes her already-incredible facial structure look even more angular and amazing… (-:

  43. Diane

    Yet another ugly creation from McCartney. Man, if ever someone made a buck based on their parent’s fame, it’s good ol’ Stella. Can’t design an attractive frock to save her life. And she’s always got a puss on her face, as if the hasn’t had every blessed thing handed to her in her life. I’d like to see somebody named Smith try to sell her hideous designs. Doubt they’d get very far.

  44. Holly

    Gwen is not a ‘no-make up’ make up girl, and I think this face works.
    However, no one should base whether they can wear an outfit in public on whether they have enough stock of boob tape. The garment is whack, the rest I think is a delight. If the neck was higher, with a low back to make it more interesting and the waistband was a bit wider and cinchier (ie if this was a different garment) it would look great, I’m sure.

    Iman can wear anything, as discussed. She’s a goddam model! Let’s not forget this!

  45. yeahandalso

    I love the hair on her actually! Gwen’s has sort of a Marlene Dietrich vibe about it and I dig that, but I just really wish it was a dress

  46. Louise

    Both Gwen and Iman looked fantastic. Stella designs gorgeous comfortable clothes. And I think all of you Stella haters are either blind or related to Heather Mills. Madonna looked fantastic at MET. Penelope Cruz looked amazing in her blue Stella dress at Cannes. Paltrow looks fantastic every single time she wears something of Stella’s. That’s why they wear her stuff. Duh.

  47. Peachsiki

    Gwen looks fabulous in this, but Iman manages to make her look less fabulous in this, which is a shame as I adore Gwen. I think it’s because of Imans amazing skin and hair made it look monochrome yet dimensional, though I appreciate the contrast with Gwen’s skin and hair… I think I’m just attracted to the gold over the black…