Seriously, if you think about it, Zoe Saldana gets the wardrobe of a Cate Blanchett, even though her resume has a bunch of crazy (Center Stage, Crossroads), a sci-fi blockbuster (Star Trek), and of course a life-changing worldview-shattering piece of blah-blah (Avatar). Not that she should be ashamed of any of those credits, but it wasn’t so long ago she was making the rounds at Fashion Week in a presumed bid to be noticed and remembered, and don’t you think it normally takes being in an awards-baiting movie to get access to the A-list avant-garde frocks? It took Anne Hathaway forever. It really took Jessica Biel shagging Justin Timberlake to get there. So props to Zoe: She’s done it through smart stylist-hiring (I assume), without forcing an A-list dating profile (she’s engaged to some dude I’ve never even seen), and without — so far — feeling like she has to run off and take off her shirt in an indie flick or play a heroin addict or a Nazi hunter or whatever. That’s a testament to her charisma. And the fact that she wears the HELL out of her clothes.

That’s the key, too. She looks confident in her choices, which is such a massive influence. Yeah, this Armani looks kind of like a frosted holiday window decoration, or a giant version of an ornament I actually do own for my tree. And yet I love it on her, because she’s wearing it as nonchalantly as if it were a t-shirt and jeans. Come do a virtual twirl with Zoe and see if you agree.