Who Fugged It More (Or Less): Charlotte Casiraghi vs. Diane Kruger

About six months ago, Diane Kruger popped up in this, looking… you know, like Diane Kruger, ┬ábut inside an art-deco cake for a baby shower. And now Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline, has worn it to the wedding of her uncle, Prince Albert.

And I think it might be even WORSE. The strappier shoe helps, but my God, it somehow looks even more like she has funereal toilet paper stuck in her skirt. And the actual dress fits so weirdly that it has more wrinkles than a Centrum commercial. HOWEVER: A girl gets a lot of points for a melodramatic half-veil. If Krystle Carrington had died mid-Dynasty, Alexis would’ve worn this to her funeral. It says, “So sorry she’s dead and yet I am here, alive, with great teeth.” Except Alexis would’ve worn it in red. Obviously.

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  1. Kris

    When did Diane Kruger wear this? Is there a link so we can compare?

  2. Bookworm
  3. Erin

    So hard to call this one. I’m distracted by the veil in a good way, but then distracted by her, um, front, in a bad way. I don’t know if it’s the cut of the dress or the angle of the photo or what, but she looks super flat-chested.

    And then I’m distracted again by those shoes, which I kind of love.

  4. AP

    Diane’s fits a bit better, at least.

    Like Erin said, this Charlotte person looks very flat-chested in this dress. Nothing wrong with being flat-chested, but I don’t think she should have chosen a dress that stretches across her chest so tightly like that.

  5. Jen

    You need to get some pictures of the dress she wore to the wedding reception. She looked stunning.

  6. Adriana

    Dianne wins in my book, just because she doesn’t look as rumpled as Charlotte here. I am very distracted by the Monaco guards hat in the background. That would have been an interesting, albeit clashing, fascinator.

  7. Gigi

    Charlotte has horrible posture. Standing up straight would have won her my vote, since I, too, cannot ignore a melodramatic half-veil!

  8. Dazie

    I’m with Charlotte on this one- on Diane it looked like the side panels were white, or sheer-ish over a white undersomething. This looks nice, even though she looks WAAAAY younger than the 24 almost 25 that she is.

    As far as um… endowments…. her mom’s not got much, neither did her grandmother. She could eat a sammich, but she’d still be super slim.

  9. ekv

    put black buttons on, it would be charming.

  10. AMS

    It IS tough to call. I really like the dress, notwithstanding the chest-crushing effect it seems to have on C.C., but I don’t like the black accessories on either woman. I find the black shoes and purses too clashy and distracting. I do like C.C.’s hat and veil and think it would have been nice worn with a simpler shoe and a pale purse; there are horizontal tiers and vertical buttons and a sort-of vertical bow all competing for attention on the dress and then she goes and adds a giant black X with the shoe — my brain can’t figure out where to look.

  11. Rose

    WHY WON’T THIS FIT RIGHT?!?! On, like, anybody? Diane’s looks like it’s made out of cardboard, and Charlotte’s looks like she did a zillion crunches in it right before she walked out of the house. Both were fuggy, but I voted for Charlotte because of the wrinkles and that veil thing.

  12. heather

    Love Charlotte’s shoes and veil, and I agree that black buttons (something reminiscent of Victorian jet) on it would have tied it all together very nicely.

    But the chest-wrinkles…yikes. It looks so much stiffer on DKrug but at least it’s not rumpled and breast-mashing. Bizarre.

  13. Karen

    It’s not ideal on either, but Diane Kruger has the inestimable advantage of being Diane Kruger.

    That counts for a lot.

    Plus, she seems to have had her version pressed, as opposed to the princess, who wore hers fresh from her suitcase. So points to Diane, twice.

  14. Anne B

    Not a fan of this dress on anyone. Diane wins, just barely, based on Pacey proximity, which gives her the edge on just about anyone.

    Still, I know one way to fix this look. Replace the wedding with a shopping day. Replace Monaco with an extremely upscale shopping mall.

    Now, see? Charlotte is simply a rich lady with no taste, shopping for still another black accessory. Maybe a big ol’ raven for that fascinator.

  15. kates

    It’s a no-call. The dress just looks backward on both of them.

    Mostly, I am too distracted by that little white-and-red strawberry-sundae hat/rooster explosion which seems to be floating above her head. I presume she is not wearing it. (Princess Beatrice would have rocked that thing, though.)

  16. maria

    She looked wonderful in this Chanel dress. I love it.

  17. Sharon gerhard

    Love the red feathers coming out of her head!

  18. vandalfan

    This makes both of these probably lightly-endowed ladies seem flat unto convex in the chestal department. Throw in some darts and tear off the black sash and it would be much improved. My vote goes to the royal, who comes with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top.

  19. Jen

    I couldn’t say, it took me too long to figure out you were fugging her dress and not the quaint red frosting cupcake hat I thought she was wearing as satire.

    I can’t keep track of which royals wear hats and which ones wear funeral toilet paper.

  20. Tracy L

    The Princess’s dress is too tight. Which sounds impossible when you realize how thin she is. Maybe it would get a pass if it fit better. Although Diane did not look much better. The shoes and veil thingy are fab! The length of the skirt is very nice.

  21. bravoerunway

    I’ve never seen Charlotte look less than perfect until this picture. OMG…what happened?

  22. Jenny

    I guess I am a sucker for pink and black together, because I don’t get what’s so terrible about this dress.

  23. deee

    WTH is the black thing on the hip? From my vantage point it looks like it has little arms and a zipper. Someone was rummaging around in my kid’s American Girl doll clothing collection, grabbed the Hermoine robe and sewed it under one of the pleats of the dress. Weird.

  24. Elaine

    I am just so happy to know that hat is on someone behind her! At first I thought it was some sort of Monaco royalty auxiliary – ack!

  25. kate-e

    I love her fascinator that looks like a miniature version of the guard’s helmet. Oh, wait…

  26. Lola

    kate-e – I know right? I stared at this for a long while thinking that she was giving the guard a nasty look because he was wearing the same hat as she, and his is much bigger and fancier.

  27. Gin

    It’s just a bad dress.

    BTW…. Shouldn’t we focus on the gents as well? Hint hint, since we’re in Monaco, hint hint. Charlotte’s LOVELY, GORGEOUS brothers…. hint hint.

  28. Sajorina

    This dress looked good on Diane because it fit her! Now, poor Charlotte has stuffed herself into it and isn’t doing her small boobs any favors! Diana did a lot better!

  29. Jenna Horko

    Who’s looking at the dress, when that headband-miniveil is happening? Mainly because I think it looks like I could make one with some glue and scissors in about 4 minutes. Well, at least CC is giving us DIY fashion tips.

  30. Peachsiki

    Accessories pulled the fug in favour of Charlotte, in my opinion.

  31. froggiefrenchie

    She reminds me of Meryl Streep in “Death Becomes Her” when her head twists all the way around her neck and gets stuck in her back! Where did her boobs go?
    I mean this girl is usually so pretty. If you were looking for Grace Kelly’s good genes you got it (they must have skipped a generation…).
    Diane Kruger looked prettier in it because her shoulders are smaller.

  32. ChaChaheels

    Grace’s genes didn’t skip a generation, as her daughters and her sons were all very good looking when they were younger. I remember Stephanie was the equivalent of a supermodel when she was in her early 20′s. I just don’t think the genes age well, when influenced in their long-term expressions by the genes from the Grimaldi side. Who knows how Charlotte will look in 20 years?

    Anyway, that dress really can’t be helped by royalty or beauty or even Pacey proximity.

  33. anny

    Charlotte looks better BECAUSE of the wrinkles – it looks like an actual garment. On Diane it looks like a shiny embellished paper towel tube.

  34. Caroleena Stantonova

    If you’ve not even a tiny bump where breasticles should appear, why accentuate that fact?