About six months ago, Diane Kruger popped up in this, looking… you know, like Diane Kruger,  but inside an art-deco cake for a baby shower. And now Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline, has worn it to the wedding of her uncle, Prince Albert.

And I think it might be even WORSE. The strappier shoe helps, but my God, it somehow looks even more like she has funereal toilet paper stuck in her skirt. And the actual dress fits so weirdly that it has more wrinkles than a Centrum commercial. HOWEVER: A girl gets a lot of points for a melodramatic half-veil. If Krystle Carrington had died mid-Dynasty, Alexis would’ve worn this to her funeral. It says, “So sorry she’s dead and yet I am here, alive, with great teeth.” Except Alexis would’ve worn it in red. Obviously.

Whose incarnation is WORST?

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