Well Played, Wills and Kate and George’s First Official Photo


Are you ready for the first official photos of Prince George? Because here they are, thanks to our friends at Socialite Life (who also posted a piece today about the forthcoming CNN exclusive with William worth a look).

Spoiler: Kate looks totally great, William looks happy but appropriately tired, the assorted dogs look fluffy, and the baby is probably considering whether he wants to wake up and yell a little bit until someone feeds him:

These were taken earlier in the month by Michael Middleton (Kate’s dad) in the Middleton backyard in Bucklebury, and the Unprofessional Family Snaps quality of them is kind of great, especially compared to the usual HERE IS THE BABY IN A GIANT DRESS IN A HUGE ROOM COVERED IN PAINTINGS OF DEAD ANCESTORS quality of some Official Royal Photos. It’s very, “Hey, I just bought a new camera, let’s take some pictures of the baby while your hair looks good, Kate, and before anyone gets barfed on.” William is so doing this his way, and his way appears to be “AS NORMAL AS POSSIBLE.”

And here’s the version without the dogs, which also has a better look at Prince Snuggle Muffin’s little scrunchy face:

I may have just held my computer up to my face and said, aloud, to the empty room, “I think he looks like William.” I regret nothing.

[Photo: Michael Middleton/PA Wire]

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  1. Cheryl G

    Actually, he looks like Q E!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think so too. This little guy is going to resemble his grandmother most of all, IMO.

      • Chris P

        Technically, his great-grandmother. (Diana would be his grandmother.) But yes, I can definitely see the Liz resemblance – he DEFINITELY takes after his dad’s side of the family.

        Although that can change – everyone said I looked just like my mom as a child and exactly like my dad now.

      •  lusucanna

        I don’t know what you people are talking about. He’s a baby, do you seriously think he looks like an 88 year old woman?

        • Mia House

          I have this theory that if you cut off all of George’s hair, he’d look like a British man.

    • Trace

      Looks more like Benjamin Button to me!

  2. Cheryl G

    …or Winston Churchill.

    • Winston Churchill

      All babies look like me. But then, I look like all babies.

    • qwertygirl

      My mother put that in my baby book. “Baby most resembles: Winston Churchill.” Thanks mom. That wasn’t the foundation of any sort of complex. Then again, being British, that’s probably considered proof of his hertiage or something. Anyway, yay baby. Yay Kate and Wills. Yay yay yay!

      •  Kathryn F

        Please buy your mother a Pimm’s Cup and toast her complete awesomeness. That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard!

      • Tina

        I love the classic Edwardian maxim, “Never comment on a likeness in another’s child.” But that one is so cool it is worth breaking the rule.

  3. Maria

    Love these photos! So normal :)
    She looks seriously fantastic! Also, adorable baby!!!

  4. Nicole Brenes

    she looks perfect!

  5. Carol

    I just love them – I can’t help it …

  6. Lisa

    I am so ridiculously and irrationally fond of this little family! They look great!

    • Carolyn

      ME TOO! I love them as hard as I love my own family. Which is totally ridiculous.

  7. karlen evins

    Ok. seriously…”Earlier in the month?” MEDIA, lay off. This lad lost his mother to aggressive media…That he so much as wants to POST a friggin picture of his son (read: FUTURE KING OF ENGLAND) speaks volumes…Why can’t you just appreciate the candor as the rest of us do…

    • Jessica

      …I do? I just said they were snapped earlier in the month simply as part of the context for the photo — which I do in most posts of the Royal Family. I believe the rest of the paragraph makes it quite clear that I do appreciate their candor. When a photo that isn’t absolutely recent is released to the press, as is the case here, it’s common to note when it was snapped, and in fact that information was included in the information that the Palace itself released.

    • Vandalfan

      And Lady Di was a master manipulator of the press, too.

    • Tess 

      Is it agressive when the Fug Girls acknowledge that a photo was taken “over the weekend” or “last night at the Oscars”? It is merely reporting, and they are ALWAYS respectful…while also being hilariously irreverent, of course.

    • HKS

      I’m really confused by the issue. But maybe it’s best that I don’t get it. Because I really really don’t.

  8. T. A. Butler

    If the family takes the pictures, and SHARES the pictures, Karlen Evins, what’s wrong with that? “William is doing this his way.” Why should the media lay off, in this instance?

    I think they’re lovely in love. I don’t think they’re more special than anyone, but they sure clean up nicely.

  9. ohsohappy

    …just makes me smile and sigh.

  10. Kate Pearce

    Technically he’ll be ‘King of the United Kingdom’ or ‘Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ not just England-although by the time he gets there, the Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish might have become independent nations again and King of England would actually be right.

  11. Halley

    I also think he looks like William, and said so out loud to no one when they brought him outside the hospital. Its unreal how gorgeous she is.

  12. Jennifer

    The child is a Windsor, through and through. Although hopefully minus the hair issues…


    ::: ahem ::: I’m fine now.

    • Claire1

      I have no problem with men and “hair issues”….I just wish they’d embrace it and get rid of the rest. Bald- Testosterone…. testosterone in a guy = goooood.
      Viva La Hot Baldies!

      • ChristieLea

        Well, maybe wee Prince George will get lucky, and get to keep his hair just like uncle Harry.

        Or even better: he might get HIS MOTHER’S HAIR AND THEN IMAGINE WHAT A GORGEOUS KID he’ll be.

        Ok, ok, sorry to get all capsy.

        • kickassmomnyc

          Baldness (or not) is usually carried through the mother’s genes, so he has a chance.

  13. Linda

    So cute!! I think she looks wonderful. I think her face is a little fuller and it suits her (and the fact she looks really happy). I’m a sentimental nerd, but I think Diana would be so happy to see this.

  14. Vandalfan

    Dang it, that’s so adorable it makes my ovaries hurt.

  15. Nanny


  16. Stephanie

    What makes the first pic for me is the dog with the tongue hanging out. Totally real and unpolished. Even the dog looks happy to be a part of their little family :)

    • Jill

      And the other dog asleep next to Kate…..like “whatever, it’s time for my nap”.

      • AJ

        Yes! I read that’s the Middleton’s golden retriever, Tilly. They were probably like “OK, time for our family photo, just us, George and Lupo. What? Tilly’s sleeping here? Oh well fine, she can be in it too.”

        • Meg

          That’s what I thought, too! I assumed Tilly was supporting Kate’s back while she held the baby, since my dogs have always been very careful about tiny humans. And I love the fact that the dogs are in the picture at all. I’m sure all of the Queen’s corgis are jealous.

  17. Robin

    I think the little sweetie looks like Prince Philip. Except way cuter. Kate looks AMAZING.

  18.  Aspasia

    I love that the furry princes are included in the family photos.

    •  Joanna

      Furry princes – yes! If I had dogs, I would totally refer to them as such.

  19. Cat

    Awwww, these are so cute! I love that it’s just a casual snap and not the super formula posed in a royal palace photos we normally see. Kate looks great– I’m so jealous! They look so happy.

  20. Sajorina

    ADORABLE! Kate looks perfect, Wills looks pleased and the baby is a cutie pie! A good friend of mine gave birth today to a beautiful girl and these pictures make me extra emotional… ♥

  21. Mrs. Ditter

    That’s an old golden retriever lying on the grass near Kate, isn’t it? SO CUTE. The family looks good, too.

  22. Andrea

    Why is it that every time I see these pictures I turn into a pile of mush and can’t form sentences that contain anything resembling real words? “Lookie at ze wee squishy baby eeeeeeeeeeee!!”

    There should be a support group or something.

    • Jo

      Hi, my name is Jo and I’m trying to cope with more-than-average fondness for(obsession with) these three.

  23. Amanda

    That is the scrunchiest little face I ever did see! He is darling.

  24. Brenna

    OMG, could they be any more adorable? Those dogs in the first picture are really fantastic – the one is just happy to be with his people, and the other is all “ugh, pictures? I’m gonna nap back here instead.”

    I want her dress – that color is beautiful on her.

    • kickassmomnyc

      Apparently so do a lot of people — the dress ($79) sold out shortly after the pictures came out.

  25. Carolyn

    A completely adorable picture–way to do it, kids.

  26. Rachael

    George is all, “whatevs, I’m napping, carry on but don’t expect me to participate.” I am not so good at spotting resemblances, so I don’t see one, but he’s cute. The color of her dress is great, and I like the informality of these photos. Especially with the dogs, very down-to-earth and homestyle. Welcoming, I think. If this family moved to my block and I didn’t know who they were, I would want to be friends with them. They look charming and nice.

  27. jean

    The black dog kind of steals the show for me. Look at me! Look at me! I want a bone or meat or something ;^).

  28. Queen Bee

    Cute family!

  29. ng

    What kills me about the top photo is the exact positioning of William’s hand on Kate’s hip. So intimate. You know you love it when your significant other holds you like that. *sigh*

  30. Christine

    Baldness comes from the mother’s side. So what we need to know when discussing whether George will keep his hair or not is if Kate’s dad is thin on top.

    Not that it matters.

    I LOVE that Wills is doing it his way. He’s going to rule as king. Oh, wait. He is.

    • HelenBackAgain

      So what we need to know when discussing whether George will keep his hair or not is if Kate’s dad is thin on top.

      Looks good! Let’s just hope this dominates:


      Kate’s gorgeous genes are just what this family needed – and they seem pretty thrilled with her, herself, as well.

      • Trace

        But if baldness comes from your mother’s side then Kate would get it from her mum who’d get it from HER mum etc. Besides, I’m not sure that that theory is correct or whether it’s just something once mentioned in Seinfeld!

        • Emily

          It’s possible that it could be passed on through Kate’s mother but she’d for sure have the gene to pass on if it was passed on through her father. The baldness gene is on the X chromosome so a woman would have to have two baldness genes to be bald. A man only has one X chromosome. A bald father gives all daughters he has the baldness gene. There is now a 50% chance that the daughter will pass the baldness gene down every time she has a son. Color blindness works the same way.

  31.  TheZulk

    The person we should be seeing if wee babby royal grows up to look like is Dennis Farina, who died basically 5 seconds before this kid was born. Best reincarnation ever?

  32. Mandy

    I just want to stare in rapture at this beeyootiful scena….

    That said, is it just me or William isn’t really smiling? He looks … I dunno… kinda distracted? Or is that his usual expression for unofficial photos… I’m not sure

  33. Jenz

    I do love the normalcy of this photo… and the way the sun is making Kate’s hair glow.

  34.  Joanna

    1. Kate looks incandescently happy and beautiful. She seems to be taking to this whole Princess thing quite nicely.
    2. I love that Tilly’s passively snoozing off to the side; for all we know, Tilly intended to photobomb all along, and the picture is all the better for it.
    3. Just how big is that Middleton back yard (or garden, as the Brits call it)? The English countryside is so lovely. If only apparation Harry Potter-style actually existed….