Are you ready for the first official photos of Prince George? Because here they are, thanks to our friends at Socialite Life (who also posted a piece today about the forthcoming CNN exclusive with William worth a look).

Spoiler: Kate looks totally great, William looks happy but appropriately tired, the assorted dogs look fluffy, and the baby is probably considering whether he wants to wake up and yell a little bit until someone feeds him:

These were taken earlier in the month by Michael Middleton (Kate’s dad) in the Middleton backyard in Bucklebury, and the Unprofessional Family Snaps quality of them is kind of great, especially compared to the usual HERE IS THE BABY IN A GIANT DRESS IN A HUGE ROOM COVERED IN PAINTINGS OF DEAD ANCESTORS quality of some Official Royal Photos. It’s very, “Hey, I just bought a new camera, let’s take some pictures of the baby while your hair looks good, Kate, and before anyone gets barfed on.” William is so doing this his way, and his way appears to be “AS NORMAL AS POSSIBLE.”

And here’s the version without the dogs, which also has a better look at Prince Snuggle Muffin’s little scrunchy face:

I may have just held my computer up to my face and said, aloud, to the empty room, “I think he looks like William.” I regret nothing.

[Photo: Michael Middleton/PA Wire]