Well Played, Princess Charlene


Well. Striding around Monaco as a light snow falls, heading out to give Christmas gifts to children, in a dramatic long tartan skirt? I must confess that I amsold.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. jenny

    I want that skirt. I’m a sucker for a red tartan.

    • Chachaheels

      Me too. It’s about time the floor length kilt made a comeback! She looks gorgeous in it, too.

      • Deborah

        Holy crap, maxi length tartan skirt!! I could never pull off the shorter kilt but I would so rock the maxi.

  2. junaitatres

    I wish I could wear a skirt like this, but at 5’1 I don’t think I could pull it off the way Charlene is. She looks wonderful and Christmas-y.

    • Susan

      I also am 5’1″ but in my mind I look just like Charlene!

    • Maria

      I was thinking I need that outfit… but what I really need is a figure like Charlene’s AND that outfit. (Get on that, Santa!)

  3. Stefanie

    Nope. I don’t like it. It feels way too heavy and cumbersome.

    Of course, I am from the school of tartan minis and combat boots, a la Liv Tyler in Empire Records….

    • lindy

      I don’t like this either because, like you said, it’s too bulky and heavy. Also, I have a similar build to her–almost 6 feet, with broad shoulders–and crewnecks are NOT our friends. They only make a broad-shouldered woman look like she plays for the 49ers.

  4. jlf5

    This outfit is a winner. I want it. I must have it (also her figure).
    The more I see of her, I wonder if she just has resting sad face and is actually not sad at all?

    • Beth Y.

      I wondered the same thing. (Hee – “resting sad face.”) I also wonder if that’s something your PR person can help you overcome. It would involve hours of practice looking not-sad when going about your daily business. Perhaps someone would jump out in front of you with a mirror on occasion to show you what your face is doing?

      •  jeanette

        Re ‘resting sad face’ (great term!) I once read a magazine article where Rose Byrne siad that she had a face that was solemn in repose and looked sad even when she was not. Maybe Princess Charlene has that kind of face too. Or maybe she is an introvert doing her best in all those public ‘people’ occasions and the camera captures that secret meditative side of her somehow?

  5. C. C.

    Whenever I see a picture of him, I can’t help but be reminded of the character Martin Vanger in “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

    Charlene looks desperately unhappy/trapped most of the time.

    •  ErinB

      Oh my goodness. THAT’S who he reminds me of! Thank you for solving this mystery for me, and now I wonder if that’s what gives Charlene her sad face. “I married Martin Vanger!! NOOOOOOO.”

  6. KarenG958

    That crewneck & skirt combo is like my dream outfit.

  7. Zaf

    I’m too short to pull this off with any elan, but it looks lovely. And can we use the princess as a model for all American television females to consider: see? Fabulous SHORT hair. Elegant. And we can see her face!

  8.  HelenBackAgain

    I think the skirt’s effect is a little heavy, even with her height, but it IS a beautiful garment. And going simple with her tops, with such a strong statement piece, was definitely the thing to do.

    I’d like to see a simple pearl earring with this.

    Her hair and face look FANTASTIC. As usual!

  9. TheReset

    I need a reason to wear this. (I have none.)

  10. Carol

    In which Charlene sees one perfect silver lining to her one perfect tear marriage: at least if she’s going to be (allegedly) miserable, she can be glamorous about it.

  11. Esther Zeigler Burns

    Awesome! It looks cold, it’s snowing, but she looks warm and elegant.

  12. Breda

    Oh. My. Gooooooooood.

  13. mary lou bethune

    That skirt and her face are fantastically lovely. She looks like a dream. Of sadness, like the Snow Queen. When on earth is she going to have a baby, everyone must be thinking. He’s got to be 60 by now.

    • Squirrel!

      Reading your comment, mary lou, I thought, “60? No, he can’t be that age yet.” On my way to finding out that he is 55 (older than I thought!), I came across this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Albert_(genital_piercing)

      Oh. My. God. I… um… oh. OUCH.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        I love you for not having known about those previously, and I’m terribly sorry you lost that innocence today!

      • kickassmomnyc

        I took the bait. I looked. CAN’T UNSEE!!!

      • Sandra

        Yeah, but that was Queen Victoria’s Prince Albert, wasn’t it?

      • Chris P

        These apocryphal tales—which included the notion that Prince Albert invented the piercing that shares his name in order to tame the appearance of his large penis in tight trousers

        …I’ve got jokes, and I’m fairly sure none of them are GFY-appropriate.

      • Melinda

        Aaaaand, now I have to delete my search history.

      • Mikki

        Ack…why did I look?!?! The old saying about curiosity….

  14. AM

    I love it! It looks like something I’d wear. Although it would get all bunchy at the waist or drag in the snow or something or my hair would start to frizz and it wouldn’t look nearly so perfect.

  15. greatwhitenorthchick

    Put a moustache and monocle on Albert and you have Colonel Blimp.

  16. Nan

    That splash of COLOR on her lips looks fabulous. Hollywood ladies, please try to remember that putting color on your lips is actually attractive.

  17. witjunkie

    Oh. That is fabulous. And I bet lovely and warm. I too, am sold.

  18. kickassmomnyc

    It doesn’t now in Monaco too often. I think she looks stunning, amazing, I want everything she’s wearing. (I think I could make it happen — need to find a long tartan skirt).

  19. Sandra

    She looks great. Even if I were eleventy-seven feet tall like Charlene, I’m far to lazy to have the athlete’s body that she has sculpted.

  20. Kristin

    She looks kind of happy in the second photo, where she’s looking AWAY from her douche bag of a husband…why no earrings?

    And thanks to you, Fug Nation, I am now up to snuff on male genitalia piercings : – /

  21. Cat

    I will confess that I have dreamed of wearing an outfit like this for years… but sadly I’m not tall enough to pull this. She looks so lovely, though!

  22. Loony tick

    She looks fabulous, but can we talk about the prince? His tie seems to be emblazoned with kick lines of penguins. This is a head of state, albeit a small state. Perhaps more importantly, this is the child of Grace Kelly. In a novelty holiday tie???

    • Kristin

      Perhaps the tie is a homage to the Olympic bobsled event, and he is poking fun at himself when he wears it, since penguins are sledding. If so, he may be slightly less of a douchebag than I thought — at least he has a sense of humor. Considering the event was child-oriented, it could be considered appropriate, even if he is a head of state.

      • SaraK

        I like the construction-paper “MON…ACO” heart he is sporting in the middle photo, too. I’m guessing one of the kids gave it to him? I love that he’s wearing it…maybe she does just have resting sad face and he is indeed not the douchebag we all assumed (or perhaps is *no longer* the DB, given his history). This gives me hope for a reasonably content ending for them after all. And of course I covet both the awesome tartan skirt and the height to wear it so well.

  23. KatieKateKate

    I am sorry, why has no one mentioned that ridiculous tie worn by the evil overlord, father of many, husband. Yea Gods! Tis awful.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think I assumed it had to be something traditional that he’s pretty much forced to wear.

      If not, yeah, it’s ridiculous.

  24.  Julie

    That skirt looks way too heavy and long. And high waisted. I’d like it much better shorter.

  25. nobody much

    if it’s snowing, it’s freaking cold. (yeah, I know about 36 degrees) and windy. So a long wool tartan skirt is perfect for that weather. A short one would just freeze your gazooties off.
    Now, to find a big piece of tartan wool around the house, and pretend it’s snowing. :)

  26. Dani

    I freaking love that skirt! The way it moves… sigh.

  27. Carrick

    Just a damn minute! It SNOWS in Monaco?

    • kickassmomnyc

      A rare occurrence. It was snowing in Egypt and Israel, even more unusual.

  28. Boo

    Gorgeous. Period. I think if Diana had lived these her and Princess Charlene would’ve been good friends. With her hair cut and style she always reminds me of Lady Di.

  29. CC

    I love this look. Festive, flattering, and actually warm! I am so tired of female celebrities with bare legs or bare arms or coatless while standing next to a man who is completely bundled up and dressed appropriately for the weather…as if a) a woman’s looks are more important than her basic comfort; b) a woman can only be attractive if she is showing skin and c) these rules in no way apply to men.

    Anyone know if this is Ralph Lauren? She’s been wearing a lot of Ralph Lauren lately, and it really suits her. The skirt is my favorite part. Whether it is from Alcott and Andrews circa 1984, a production of A Christmas Carol or Ralph Lauren Fall 2013, I think it is wonderful!

    • Esme

      Yes, a million times to your first paragraph.

    • Liz

      I could not agree more, CC. I wish more American actresses would embrace the power of dressing smartly (and for god sake, at least seasonally appropriate).

      I love this look. She looks so patrician and British.

    • Mikki

      Amen to this!

  30. Mary Urech Stallings

    Very nice, Charlene.

  31.  esther

    i’m still writing fan fiction about her running away with the hot sunglasses security guy. remember him?

  32. Claire1

    love, want, love want, love want.
    Even if it was to stumpify me I wouldn’t care…..I love it that much.

  33. JenLWB

    Why am I only now noticing the similarity to Charlize Theron?

    Tall, broad shoulders, short blonde hair… they can both wear anything, like a supermodel and carry it enviably well.


    •  HelenBackAgain

      And they both have elegant, very feminine features, no matter what they do with their hair. They could play sisters! If the Princess wanted to act, and can do it.

      • Jules

        Charlize needs to shoot a film there so the princess can sneak on to set as a body double and flee Monaco in disguise!