Well Played, Milla Jovovich


The last time we put Milla on this site, she was slipping a nip in a dress that looked like it was torn by wolves. And before that, we had some caftans, and a very fancy gynecological smock. So this was a happy discovery.

I had kind of forgotten about Milla — you know the old adage; if a celeb steps on a red carpet and you can’t name the last thing she was in, does that person even really exist? — so for me this is kind of like her saying, “Hi. Still here. I’m in Three Musketeers. Can we stop making Fifth Element jokes now?” Yes, although I refuse to give up the right to make a Resident Evil pun the next time you leave the house looking like you exhumed an ancient malicious skort from your wardrobe.

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  1. Kit

    She looks pretty good, but for someone who used to be a model, this is a strangely awkward pose and she is NOT giving good face!

  2. Lisa S.

    Do NOT malign The Fifth Element! It is a beloved movie around our house. The kind of movie that makes all forward motion stop while we plunk ourselves down on the coach and watch to the end. Of course we are sci-fi and fantasy nerds, but whatevs! And I lurves me some Milla and shhhh!, don’t tell anyone but the Resident Evil movies are a supreme guilty pleasure (like honey barbeque chips and green onion dip…..)

  3. Sajorina

    I love this and think she looks great! I’d wear it, so it gets a FAB!!! It’s amazing how her skin glows…

    @Kit: She’s still modeling for L’OrĂ©al!

  4. gladly

    She did a photo shoot–I can’t remember if it was print or online–where she didn’t wear makeup. The photos looked un-retouched, and her skin was amazing. It’s been years, but I still remember it. That’s quite an impression!

  5. cpro

    Gorgeous! I love her. And who would make jokes about The Fifth Element, it is awesome and Mila’s character Lelu was ADORBS.

  6. Gauthier

    Ooooof! I may be gay but this woman gets my straight crush pass-card every. Single. Time. And don’t even get me started on the Fifth Element…

  7. vandalfan

    Don’t know her, but she looks fantastic. If you’re going to wear such heavy slap, such thick eyeliner and bold lipstick, this is the way to do it- with stunning silver and sparkling, slit-to-there black, and panache!

  8. anonymoose


  9. Geemee

    Damn, that’s a fantastic dress. Only thing I don’t like is that the earrings are too matchy. She looks fab.

  10. aunttora

    The trailer for Three Musketeers looks like a parody. I mean seriously — is it a real movie?

  11. NYCGirl

    Is that leopard print on the skirt? :s

  12. kate


  13. juanita

    Well, WOW! Wish I could look that good. This is how to wear an evening dress and look cool!

  14. Blanche

    Thanks, Jovovich, for justifying my love now and again. Or if not love, per se, at least my belief in your ability to knock off socks.

  15. Matilda

    She looks fabulous. I hope she will continue to dress like this when she’s living in a village in Mongolia where she will help milk the yaks (as per a recent interview).